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Hello everyone, today we will again consecrate a few enemies in the upcoming mod, I will also add that the mod is already at the final stage, only optimization, polishing and refinement of some lvls.

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Their design is based on early illustrations of Lewis Carroll's fairy tale.

Shhorkas seem clumsy and helpless, but this is only an appearance: they are quick-tempered, shy and zealously defend their territory.

If you get close to the Toves, you will not be in trouble.

Like lorises and platypuses, these creatures are poisonous.

Their noses are so sharp that they pierce the enemy like drills.

In addition, Tove are unusually greedy. If you manage to defeat a Tove, you will receive a tiny Essence Crystal out of proportion to their strength and stamina.

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Before you - another inhabitant of Wonderland.

Evil candy corn

Despite its funny appearance, Corn Candy is a dangerous predator. It resembles the Evil Mushroom that grows in the Forest of Wonders. Like him, the Corn Candy waits for prey and sucks it in, grinding it with powerful mandibles.

"Why does ice cream exist but doesn't melt?" - this question disturbed Candy Korn for many years of evolution, and nature rewarded them for moral suffering.

The corn lozenges became so hot that they began to belch flames. Thus, if the victim bursts out of the killer's mouth, he uses a long-range weapon - fiery powdered sugar.

Candy Corn sparkles and has a tricolor color - white, orange, yellow. Therefore, it is easy to distinguish it from other sweets.


Lyricist - Vasilisa Mayorova
Tove model author - Sleepite -


You did a great job by making those pictures "alive" as 3D models.

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Blegh5531 Author

This is not our job, this was done by the "Sleepite" modder from the development team of another old "Machinations" mod, we just finalized the textures and slightly improved the AI, added sounds and new attacks, in fact, "Sleepite" had not created this model, we would have done this couldn't do.

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