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Illyriad launches third server-wide tournament. A free for all "hold the fort" competition.

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Illyriad launches third server-wide tournament. A free for all "hold the fort" competition.

Occupy and hold any of the 8 tournament squares. Once every six hours, at a random time, an Elemental will spawn on each square, according to Altar type.

The occupier of the square will bind the Elemental to him or her and they will appear in the town unit pool of the first occupying army from the player who holds the square.

For the purposes of this tournament, on these squares, all affiliations outside the player's own towns have been suspended. Please note that this means that Alliance, Confederations and NAP partners will all fight anyone except themselves (as a player) if they arrive on these squares.

This is a Player vs Player tournament; however we do expect that some players and alliances might collaborate on their strategies. As far as we are concerned, anything goes on these squares.As the Elemental awards are given during the tournament, there will be no further unique unit prizes when the tournament closes.

At the end of the Tournament, every player who received an Elemental will receive 20 Prestige per Elemental received (regardless of whether they survive till the end of the tournament or not).Each player with the most Elementals gathered from each of the 8 Spawn Points will also receive a Tournament Winner's Statue that can be placed at the winners' choice on any unoccupied map square within 10 squares of their Capital City. This Monument will bear their name and will be a permanent marker on the World Map.

You can see your progress against other players and/or alliances on the Tournaments page which is accessible via a satellite button on the World Map main icon.


  • The Tournament runs until Midday Server Time (GMT+1) on Friday, 15 July 2011.
  • Anyone who arrives on one of these squares is deemed a Tournament Participant.

We wish you the best of luck.


This is a REALLY good browser game. You can play it from within facebook, or just using the normal URL (no facebook required).

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