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First the gametypes limit, now a code limit... I'm reaching the limits of the engine which is causing a looonnnng delay in the release of the new version of Frontlines. I'm losing time but I'm successfull in turn down all these obstacles and Frontlines already have 38 gametypes and counting!

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Well my friends,

this last week I was forced AGAIN to delay all my work because the limits of the engine (mod), the Frontlines is so huge and there's no more alocced memory to fit all the code. :shock: :o

seams that no one at IW expected a so much huge mod like Frontlines... :roll:

I know now why the gametypes limit, which I passed through and we have now 38 gametypes in Frontlines.

these are all the new gametypes already finished, overtested and in rotation at the beta server:

. AirFight (TDM with Choppers)
. Airborne (Paratroopers fall into enemy territory to retrieve 3 docs)
. CTF (famous quake gametype)
. Evac (Everything is colapsing, both teams must Evac his men out of that hell)
. Invasion (Carry your flag until the enemy spawn to conquest the map)
. Mission (Several objectives to complete in a mini-war kind gametype)
. Savage (Like Black Hawk Down movie, retreat to call a pickup chopper to get out of angry civilians)
. Strike (Assault gametype with Paratroopers)
. Support (A ground team have until 3 choppers as support to complete a objective)
. Swarm (Hill gametype but the flag can be carried)

all are there working at War Server and with all addons as possible...

Play NOW Frontlines 6 BETA |

feel free to connect and have fun... :D

I'll working while the engine let me, so I can't garantee we will have much more stuff, I'm REALLY on the edge. 8)


ITS ALIVEEE!!!! yay update :D noone on the serever tho :( hope people will come when i connect

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I was on the server for about half hour and noone came :/

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Hajas Author

hehehe... we are in GMT -3 timezone over here, please be there around 21hs(GMT -3) and the server will be almost full. :P

or invite few friends to join with you to start to play, aside is very earlier here, people who not work might join in the server have few people playing. :P

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GMT +1 here :D

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