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Development Progress of the Great Map,The newly added areas,

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Welcome to the latest issue of TotalFots: Fall of the Dragon Empire developer's log, in which we will share some of our recent progress.

This Week's Updates

Development Progress of the Great Map

On this occasion, we are pleased to announce that we have tackled all the technological problems related to the Great Map, with ports, villages and towns being successfully added. The East Asia map of the Dragon Empire has been finalized as well.

YA6OZHRQYBPZJ0D8 8XFinal East Asia Great Map of Dragon Empire

The areas whose names are shown in the Great Map are exactly where players can play in Version 1.0. The newly added areas are shown as follows.


Newly Added Area List

All areas and capitals have already been added, waiting for historical consultants to conduct information screening and naming on each regional specialty, rural city, urban city and port city. It is expected to come on October 1st.

New Animation Development

This part entirely provides players a new developing trend of making movies and subsequent promotional video of Dragon Empire. Moreover, the animation can be currently extracted, modified, and then ** can be imported.


The figure is for the samurai melee animation

Developer’s Plan

Here are some of our recent plans for the development of Dragon Empire, which may change, but the preliminary plans are as follows

304CD5B926DA80309C9466449D032511Developer’s Plan


Q: I've seen Regiments of the Renown twice in the game, so I wonder to know whether the elite regiments* are released separately.

A: Yes, due to the complicated process of elite regiments production, it takes too long to develop all of them together.

Q: The content changes dramatically. It can be said to be completely redone. Is Dragon Empire considering to be commercialized later?

A: We’ve already had such an idea in this regard, which is being implemented later. Dragon Empire will not be free of charge, like the Far East. The game cannot forge ahead for a long time without charging fees.

Q: Which is the most favored area of Dragon Empire? ^-^

A: England (immediately). Before Dragon Empire, it is Rule Britaina of great popularity.

Thank you

Well, this is the end of our preview. If you have any questions, you can leave a message or private message to me, and you are also welcomed to join our community group: 344204983. If you like our project, remember to follow us, bookmark and like the article with one button. Join our community to chat with each other.

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