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Mod introduction,Art gallery,(Maxim MG,152mm howitzer,troops...)and some update preview.

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Welcome to the developer's log of Totalfots: Fall of the Dragon Empire——here are all kinds of information, links and recent game status available.


Fall of the Dragon Empire, generally shortened to "Dragon Empire", is a new IP of TotalFots series as well as the sequel to Far East Overlord. Currently, Mr. Harry and Mr. Sober are leading the development efforts. Meanwhile, other group friends take the responsibility for its propaganda, collecting information and providing suggestions. Dragon Empire focuses primarily on China at the end of the 19th century, as its name implies, and China serves as the main character. Therefore, this work is mainly based on the stories happening around China. At present, the historical events in our work plan include: the Russo-Japanese War, the Revolution of 1911, National Protection War, etc.

The game mechanics in this work mainly include following elements:

Historical Battles

In this work, our own historical battles are introduced, which is different from other mod. These historical battles are planned to be led by true historical events. And then these battles experienced by different camps during that period are divided as follows according to the camps involved.

-Great Map Battle

Now, the Great Map of this work is inherited from the original version, and its opening time is still in 1860, on which we intend to make more changes in the future, such as expanding the map to a larger scale.

Art gallery:


Maxim MG

4D57463126B4CEB4FE93EE974DA5C162152mm howitzer

BA463E8072DA3754DA341FFD3D9C5774The Manchu Beijing Flag Guards(Northern Army) of the Army of the Qing Dynasty (Man Chinese)

89DA6606EE484977101DBE58B5312C0BThe First Guards(Northern Army) Regiment of the Army of Qing Dynasty (Han Chinese)


Qing‘s New Army

B43B4C8EDE202DACF04FEE80A5CB04EEJapanese Imperial Guards Division


Japanese general's uniform


Tsar Nicholas II

B83637858E3BEB7449E1B19F5FB087F1Nogi Maresuke

-Custom Battle

Similar to the original version, it supports customization and multiplayer games.

In general, these are all our expectations and plans for this work.

Thank you all!

Dragon Empire 0.0.01 update preview

Let's get started! Version 0.0.01 represents our first major update to this game. Currently, the main updated theme for this version is the Russo-Japanese War, which is expected to be released early next month. Moreover, a series of changes will be made in various aspects: troop update, big map battle update, and artillery update, all of which are adjusted with reference to player feedback since the Far East release and planned historical events.


The planned update is as follows:

Russian Far East weapon package is added, classified as T4 at the T level.

Some Russian Far East artillery units are added.

Russian legendary lords and generals are added: Tsar Nicholas, Roman Kondrachenko and Aleksey Nikolaievitch.

Soldier Table: . Notion.So/Russian _ Empire _ t 3 _ Rooster-00 b 41 pfc 6ac 744 b 48 fae 90 a 9123 ddb 90

Imperial Japan:

The planned update is as follows:

Japan's 1886 weapon package is added, classified as T3-T4 at the T level.

Japan's 28cm howitzer is added.

Japanese legendary lords and generals are added: Nogi Maresuke, Kodama Gentaro and Meiji Emperor.

Soldier Table:

Qing Dynasty:

The planned update is as follows:

Northern Army is added, classified as T3-T4 at the T level.

Imperial Guard is added.

Imperial Rebel is added. (The Rebel in the Great Map Battle belongs to revolutionary army models.

Legendary general of Qing dynasty is added: Yuan Shikai.

Soldier Table: . Notion.So/qing _ empire _ t 3 _ rooster-9 e 2c 0E 9F 48514 b 07 b 762 c 07 E 0F 337 EA 3.

Great Map Battle:

In the Great Map Battle, the number of scientific and technological achievements in Qing Dynasty is updated, enabling Qing to recruit Beiyang army. The Rebel is replaced with revolutionary army.

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