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Elite Troop,The Russian Empire faction,Heavy Artillery Regiment...

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Welcome to the latest issue of TotalFots: Fall of the Dragon Empire developer's log, in which we will share some of our recent progress.

This Week's Updates

Elite Troop

In our subsequent development plan, REGIMENTS OF RENOWN expansion pack is going to be introduced, which will include elite regiments from those three camps. These elite regiments not only wear gorgeous uniforms, but also equip with excellent state items. Players can rely on these elite regiments to score and beat other groups.

The Russian Empire

The first camp we choose to develop first is the Russian Empire's Guards. The Russian Empire has 3 Guards divisions and 12 Guards Regiments, from which we choose 4 Guards. ( It is the first time for me to know that Russia has so many elite regiments)

Guards Preobrazhenski Regiment


in-dev footage

Guards Semyonovsky Regiment


in-dev footage

Guards Izmailovsky Regiment


in-dev footage

Guards Pavlovsky Regiment


in-dev footage

Heavy Artillery Regiment

Testing on the 28cm howitzer promised to everyone last time has finished and it has already been imported. Slight adjustments in the model position, however, need to be made.


in-dev footage

Great Map

In terms of the game, Great Map attracts most of our attention, but it is a pity that we cannot yet reveal more information now. (snickers)


in-dev footage


Q: When will the Elite Regiment Pack be released?

A: The date has not been confirmed yet, but it should be after Version 0.0.02 or later at the earliest.

Q: How about the power of 28cm howitzer?

A: The value configuration has not been made yet, but it is planned to be about 0.5 larger than the Armstrong Gun.

Q: I seem to have seen some leaks. Has the Great Map been already finalized? (snickers)

A: We cannot make a definite conclusion right now. But we can make sure that the Great Map is on the agenda and will probably be developed independently by my group and another group.

Q: Will the game open to players overseas?

A: It's still under discussion, but some Asian players have already approached us for an internal test.

Q: Do you have a comprehensive production team now?

A: Not yet. This week we plan to select some of our friends from the group to set up the Dragon Empire Production Committee. Welcome bigwigs to join us.

Thank you

Well, this is the end of our preview. If you have any questions, you can leave a message or private message to me, and you are also welcomed to join our community group: 344204983. If you like our project, remember to follow us, bookmark and like the article with one button. Join our community to chat with each other.

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