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There are some important things to discuss following the annoucnement.

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Hey guys, Warman here.

As most of you guys know, CA has announced their next TW game with is very similar to what they did following Empire with Napoleon they are doing again with Rome 2 and Attila. It's basically a BI 2. So what does the next game have to do with this mod. Let me cut to the chase, I'm planning on porting this mod to Attila some time after it comes out. If you look at what they have said in terms of features, screenshots plus other associated things that go with this era, I believe that it is for the best that I make this call. If you are doubting this, let me break it down why this will work for the mod's benefit.

1. Family Trees:

This pretty much speaks for itself. Having a family tree system to use with this mod would make it more complete campaign wise than just on Rome 2, assuming they don't it to R2 of course.

2. Different Cities and Buildings:

The buildings look closer to Medieval buildings and further more cities like Constantinople will no doubt be in the game now which works better with MK than with this game. This will save us a lot of modding work later.

3. Crossbows and Other Additions:

With the addition of crossbows there is a major Medieval weapon currently missing from MKTW that would be utilized more in my mod. Also various Eastern armors and Hunnic faces and armor could be used for the Mongols and the like. I'm sure you can find even more examples. This way we don't have to make our own animations, saving time.

4. Religion:

No doubt religion is playing a bigger part of the game, there is a screenshot out there showing the list of implemented religions including Catholicism and Orthodox, the only thing missing would be Islam but that shouldn't be too hard to adjust.

5. The Aesthetic:

Based off the live stream footage the game just feels more Medieval than Rome 2 does.

Those are just off the top of my head and who knows what else they might show to sway me further. The only thing that does concern me a little is if the models are in a different format, honestly I doubt that would happen but I intend to look into it further to be sure by looking at Napoleon and Empire. I could take stuff from ATW for this mod but I feel there's more to get from porting from Rome 2 to Attila than the other way around. To clarify I still plan to make one more release for Rome 2 depending on how long it takes for Attila to come out and be modifiable.

Leave your thoughts below, just keep them focused on this mod. Please no CA bashing or similar snide remarks. Let's just focus on the reality of what is happening.


I concur on your decision. It seems right and I am personally looking forward to it :)

Good luck

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I think there's no doubt Attila will be better suited for a medieval mod, just based on what we've seen so far. Crossbows, religion, setting...

I'm one of the few who never cared about the family tree issue, but it fits very well with a medieval setting.

Hopefully there won't be issues porting your current work to the new game. Will you guys still be working on the mod until Attila comes out?

Either way, good luck and I can't wait for what the future will bring.

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warman222 Author

It largely depends on when Attila comes out, but my guess is we will probably get the second release out before Attila.

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I hope so i really am looking forward to this mod, especially with a campaign version. Medieval 2 is just so out dated with its mechanics. i was kind of ****** off by hearing about the new Game

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i think you are right , as was napoleon to empire so attila to rome 2...i hope

it will take like eternity to me ,thanks by the way :(

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