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Here's some video footage of the first two weapons found in my mod. These weapons are replacements of the original Unreal Gold weapons. More work like this would complete the mod.

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Let's just jump to the best part... here's the video footage of picking up two total conversion weapons in a Unreal Gold total conversion mod and using them in the field:

Another pic of the revolver!

The revolver has been tweaked to feel like a revolver. Replacing the Automag from Unreal Gold, the revolver can reload after firing six shots, like a real revolver does. As you would see from the gameplay, it makes for a good starter weapon because of the reload time between six shots. It also means I have to find ways to top the revolver by introducing more powerful and insane weapons in the mod. I also like the fact that I finally switch between two different weapons in the mod, so it's nice to take notice of that in action. I still have to tweak the animations a little bit.

Liquid Blast Cannon

Liquid Blast Cannon

The re-chargable weapon is replaced by a liquid blast cannon. It uses sweat to recharge itself. Yes, sweat! Not the best means but what else can I make of it? It's also because it's the first weapon in the line up and they are usually low end equipment compared to many other weapons found across the game. It's modelled on the framework named 'Unreal' anyways. This model was easy to model compared to the other models. I'm going to animate the other models and weapons later on, hopefully because I find it easier to model all the models and put them into game to see them before animating them.

Boiling Water Cannon Concept

It looks barely like the concept art I draw out for it but that's because I wanted it to make it look like it will work. The different being the jar or green bottle in the plank of wood in a different position, so gravity can allow the liquid to settle towards the barrel until fired out.

Blender Model of Revolver

Liquid Blast Cannon in Blender

I also had to home into my skills. The revolver isn't the best textured when laid out and I had to learn how to use the 'Mark Seam' commands in Blender to get the best UV layout prints to make texturing easier, which I've applied on the blast-cannon. So there's something new I learn everyday. I enjoyed making the texture for the revolver because of the metal effect I've placed onto it, so it look more like a revolver then just an ugly patterned texture. It's very Unreal Gold like in my opinion and that's where I should be aiming for in the art department for this mod and I hope some of my other weapon designs look as cool as my revolver because that's the level I am aiming for in this project.

Models Screens

... and here's an screen of a mini-cannon with some cannonballs that's been left laying around, which will replace the flak cannon in the mod.

I hope you had fun watching the footage and viewing some screens. Now it's just breaking future news on character avatars, enemies and everything else that makes this project worth while to be a mod, over the coming weeks before it's release. Stay tuned!


why kill them? Their just sweeping the desert. Wpu;d you consider working on a different engine? a newer engine?

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ProblemSolva Author

Excuse my late reply. Players can avoid them if they wanted too. Players are able to outrun them if they can.

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