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After some weeks of work I want to keep you guys informed with some news! :)

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Hi everyone,

after three weeks of not posting anything new I think it's time for some information!

- First I started to convert my custom story into a total conversion at the weekend. I wanted to do that for long and finally I found the time and motivation to do so. At the moment it is just a basic conversion without new graphics and item names but those will be added as times goes on. You can see the title menu screen at the images section! :)

- Big thanks to palistov who allowed me to use his light system! I'm able to connect spotlights to lightsources and create a much more realistic lighting. This is still not optimized as I encounter lags with too much lights ignited. So the player won't have amounts of tinderboxes, instead he will have to think which lightsources he want to ignite because he will only have a limited amount. Also I won't be able to create BIG levels because the total conversion should be playable for you guys. So I try to get quality over quantity. I removed many of the screenshots but don't worry, I will reupload them when I reworked the lighting in those maps.

- The first map is nearly finished regarding the design! Now I can start scripting this thing. As you can see at the screens some rooms need a bit of detailing but the overall design is like 90 % finished. The food storage is not big but as I said before I won't be able to create giant maps because of the spotlights.

- I deceided to NOT release a demo of this. It will take longer for you to enjoy this project but without a demo there won't be spoilers, boring situations and maybe much more excitement. :)

Well, I hope you like what you see and read! See you next time!


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