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Welcome To My Alternate History Mod, Only Available For HOI4:Waking The Tiger

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The Content will be released in the future (there is going to be a couple of betas every now and then).

There is gonna be alot of things and i am too lazy to type so i will just write gibberish from now on

gibberish:1-9484 v47rt6wfg0wh b082732efgwebd9r8qweo7 7g208fef9paohb q2wp879t378oiyukwyf32hfo87iuba082q3w7riughbvf87ofndyfh 98372fhb2987oi28urfh2ew8fo72ieufwhbqaiwufyqwukjyfwhifuygwhfirweyfg789t3gyqg26yfigweyfigw e67968rtf2289rt76weuyfwehgwe98yrewg.

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