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The Tormentis Alpha-2 wrapped up last weekend and it's time for a recap. The results of the surveys and feedback have been compiled and the first changes have already been implemented.

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The second closed alpha test ended last weekend and we are really happy with the results of the polls and feedback. More than 50 people took part in the test, some of them were extremely active.

The test focused on the dungeon editor, the gameplay and the stability of the server infrastructure.

220924 indiedb editor(Dungeon Editor)

The revised dungeon editor was rated positively overall and the controls were described as intuitive. In the storage and purchase menus, quick actions for adding have been requested, which we will implement in the coming days.

220924 indiedb before after(Before - After)

Hero controls were rated as simple and easy to use. The visual representation was not varied enough for some testers. A darker atmosphere was desired, matching the mood of an unknown and dangerous dungeon. Performance was not sufficient, especially on older PCs (below 30 fps).

For this reason we have been working heavily on the gameplay performance over the last few days and also completely overhauled the lighting of the dungeon. With the latest changes, we're having a consistent 55-60fps on an average PC, and we've identified more ways to tweak that.

The server infrastructure was stable the entire 3 weeks without a crash. A few problems have been logged, but they occurred in areas that will need to be reworked over the next few weeks anyway.

steam news image(New Dungeon Lighting)

Our next goal is a public demo version that gives a good impression of what Tormentis' game mechanics are and what the scope of the game will be at release.

As you can imagine, the game concept offers endless possibilities for extensions or new game elements that can expand or change the game again and again. From our point of view, this can also happen after the release, as long as the game already offers sufficient options in the area of ​​hero builds and dungeon design and options for trading items at the time of release.

Therefore, in the next few weeks we will work out the scope of the game at the time of release - also to be able to give you a date.

Remember you can keep up to date with our development progress by joining our Discord or following me on Twitter.

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