Anonymity, deception, these are your weapons. Meet the newest assets to the Sith Empire's Black Hand Fleet.

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Establishing secure connection.

Connection established.

Welcome back to the battlefield, Shadow-92. It's your chief logistical officer here, Lady Soira Morek. Already you're making waves the Republic feels hard. The Republic's Battlegroup Talus has seized several outlying systems, but your ingenious strategies have ensured the systems they've captured are meaningless victories.

Soira Morek Briefing Picture

The Republic means to wage war like it never has before. Their warmongering leaders like General Xahsha have their sights set on our home worlds. Dromund Kaas, Korriban, Ziost. We cannot let them get anywhere near them.

To make this certain, we've activated additional cipher agents among Imperial and Republic space.

Cipher Agents

These infiltrators are the best of the best. Master saboteurs, marksmen, and infiltrators. Their timely addition to the Black Hand Fleet will allow us to undermine the Republic's war efforts at every turn, and stop the Republic offensive.

Cipher Agents

Your cipher agents will serve you until death, Shadow-92. They look forward to destroying what you command.

May the Force grant you strength, Shadow-92. Until we meet again.

Transmission completed.

Texture and model credit goes to Mobius13.

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