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So we’re finally at the last part on how to maximize your Game Revenue in SEA! This is where the fun really begins, so tight as we unfold the last 4 tips!

Tip No.7 Build and Own Your Community

Believe it or not, being in a community means a lot for players in South East Asia. Hence, the advice that we always give developers when they’re publishing their games in South East Asia is:

(i) To Create a Mobile Game Portal as a Primary Destination for Mobile Gamers

Create an attractive landing page, introduce your games, provide screen shots and videos. But remember, these are always not enough though as South East Asia gamers are a group of people who lives by the policy of always asking for more! The want to know when is the next update, they want to share what they know about the game with other players, hence, your website would be the best meet-up spot for them! The website can also serve as a medium for you to communicate with your gamers and also to understand their gaming behaviour to help you better enhance your game to the meet the demands of the locals

(ii) Build and Own your Mobile Community

It is always a welcoming sight to see gamers of your game gathered in a space just to discuss about your games. Create a space for gamers who are fans of your games to talk about your game, connect with other gamers, learn tips and strategies. Remember, there are times when a game doesn’t survive by it’s content but just because the community that is holding on it.

Tip No. 8 Seek Local Publishers

Alternatively, the easy way out for publishing in South East Asia would be to seek the help of local publishers. However, publishing business can be complicated as most of the local publisher will want greater revenue share on their end as they will run the full publishing package for you. This may be a nuisance if you don’t require some of the service provided by the publisher but then again, you still need to pay for it.

However, we have a better solution to this, which will be explained more later.

Tip No. 9 Timing is of Essence

Another important factor about publishing in South East Asia is timing. South East Asia is a multi-cultural country that celebrates different types of festive seasons all year long and these are times when gamers will stay at home and spend time on games. For games that depend on IAP for revenue, this can be a very important factor. Plus, given the fact that there are so many local festive seasons to celebrate, there are so many events and activities that you can do in conjunction to the festive seasons to give your game a vibrant context. Make your gamer feel like you care about them and that you too celebrate what they’re celebrating. A sense of familiarity in game also do good for gamers.

Tip No.10 Integrate with Cloud Moolah

And last but not least, integrate with Cloud Moolah. CloudMoolah is a comprehensive content and payment solution provider that allows game developers and gamers and payment merchants to conveniently, securely manage payment across the world. CloudMoolah is built with the objective to serve millions of game developers and gamers across Asia, many of whom are unserved by maintain digital payment services. Together with game developers, CloudMoolah is committed to making good gaming experience a reality for gamers. CloudMoolah is also Unity’s integrated payment partner.

To put it simply, we are like publishers but a more flexible one at that, whereby we provide services in accordance to the need of the developer and in return to ensure that the developers get more return for their work.

Want to find out more about us? Feel free to drop an email at and we’re help your sort out your publishing journey in South East Asia! We’re looking forward to go on this exciting journey with you!

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