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Hey! I created a Tomb Raider 2: Reloaded page on MODDB, i will update this regulary, upload new images(screenshots from editor or game), news and maybe videos. I want to show you my progress. So check it out!

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Great Wall map

I have finished in 98% Great Wall map to my mod. I must add cubemapes and build it. I must too precise blocklight's

Screens in game:

Thats all.. but i have from editor:

That's all, when i fix i will upload compiled version.

What i need?

I need modelers. Because I must have switch models(buttons etc.) and key models to create good maps. If you want help. PM me :) But if you want help in mapping or coding so PM me too! Any help is useful ;))

Stay tuned!

VomitsRainbows - - 6 comments

Looks good so far...Let's see how it turns out! :D

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paulojlopes - - 47 comments

I like it, it does look like Tomb Raider indeed

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Mr.Walrus - - 5,806 comments

Looks like it could turn out good, but the displacements need some work :(

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NoobSaibot - - 316 comments

Looks like some good mapping. I hope you use some new textures. Those textures look very dated today.

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ZaPx64 - - 65 comments

Awesome! Loved that game, hope you finish this. :D

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Excessum117 - - 7 comments

omg. it's almost identical to the great wall level in TR2. TR2 is one of my fav games of all time. hope this turns out all right. I'll need to get half-life 2 to play this tho.

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tombraiderer - - 6 comments

That is great,i have just a stupid question though,is that a mod for half life or is a remake for tomb raider 2? cause it should be nice to play TR2 with these graphics.

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