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Tokyo Warfare V1.5 brings the biggest update to date with WWII tanks, new vehicle types, two bonus maps, recorked arena maps and a number of graphical and misc upgrades.

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Tokyo Warfare 1.5 brings a crapton of stuff to the game. Here a brief list

  • -- 3 new factions, DE, US, UK !!
  • -- 22 new vehicles!!
  • -- WWII tanks
  • -- New vehicle types: SPAAG, APC

    Complete list:
    - Morser Karl
    - Jadtiger
    - PanzerII
    - PanzerIV
    - PanzerVIII Maus
    - TigerI
    - TigerII
    - Type87AA
    - Type89
    - BMD3
    - BTR80
    - SA19
    - KV1
    - KV2
    - T34
    - T35
    - Challenger2
    - Chieftain
    - Cromwell
    - M1A
    - Stryker
    - Sherman
  • NEW Desert map: Smoky Freedom
  • NEW Urban style map: Industrial District
  • Arena map rebuilt
  • Aswell there is an extensely reworked networking code now featuring co-op and a reworked lobby, upgraded ui, totally new SFX and muuuuch more!

But enough words. Here is the NEW TRAILER!!!

Check the Steam site for more screens and gameplay vids and if you're quick enough you may take advantage of the Summer Sale!!

See you in the battlefield!!


I remember playing a game like this in the arcades on Yakota Airforce Base! Sometimes I'd even go out into Okinawa and play with others. So cool!

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In Odaiba there is a retro arcade saloon in Aqua City mall with an operational cabinet. 2 seats instead of the full 4, yet is still working in 2017.

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