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Continuing work on adjustments to improve the game play and here are some adjustments That are being worked on.

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Today's update is going to cover the adjustments coming to the TOE's or "Tables of Equipment," Death lag that you may be encountering, and the guns (AA/AT) that have been acting up by flipping over when they shouldn't be and what we're doing to correct it. These are among a few things that CRS is currently working on.


Currently the Game Manager is analyzing a proposal that the Production team has assembled. It's quite a big adjustment to how we have supply and we've started with baseline historical numbers on a per unit basis. The objective is to provide more accurate spawn lists in terms of the number of vehicles available. Naturally we have to weigh this against game play and having fun, as with all things there's only so far into the realm of 100% reality we can go towards. But this has turned in to a good discussion point and the team is representing both sides very well.

In terms of when this will be implemented, let me be sure to say it's not something that we want to "rush." But it is something the guys are actively working to achieve.


An acknowledgement here on this particular topic is important for you to know that we're listening and reading the .reports, .bugs and seeing your concerns in the forums. I've asked our team to dig into this a little bit more to see how are auto-despawn is working and make sure that the grace that we provide for lower end connections can be properly balanced with making sure that those with a quality connection are healthy.

The Game Manager has a set of tools and will be getting some more reports from our development team soon to paint a good picture about what's going on. We can tighten up this, but it will be a little less forgiving for folks with a bad connection. That is the most immediate thing we can do. Otherwise evaluating where code improvements can be made is also significant, however with our current work flow being placed on 64-bit and 1.36, resources are hard to spare.

I'd like to know more about what you think on this, particularly, would you like to see CRS tighten up the reigns here a little bit and be less forgiving for lower end connections?


HATCH was able to determine what was going on with the guns acting up and we've assigned an artist to go inside of the FLT files to correct the issue. So far we've updated two guns and will be updating more that are being affected. As soon as these are ready we'll put them up for release and roll them into the game, and announce which guns are being fixed as soon as possible.

This was one of those "top game breaking bugs" that was announced and it's something we're happy to report good movement on. We'll keep you posted.


We know that there's a lot you'd guys like us to accomplish, and we also know that when we develop a Roadmap and set expectations for what we're going to accomplish that we need to do everything in our power to deliver on that. Right now we're pretty tapped in our development resources on their current objectives. It's a tough balance to maintain but we're compelled to do the best we can to meet your expectations and deliver results for WWII Online.

The goal of writing this part is just a reminder to be patient and understand that although time has gone on a bit, the same difficulties in staffing and timeline to implementation continues to exist. Your grace is appreciated and your desire to get results is warranted undoubtedly.

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful for some points of acknowledgement and getting a short update on the other things we're working on that don't often get a lot of notice.

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