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Some days ago, the new version of Tactical Ops was released. It has a lot of changes, which are described below: ======================================= Additional Stuff ======================================= - Support for Matrox Graphics' Surround Gaming. Use the console command "Surround" in-game

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Some days ago, the new version of Tactical Ops was released. It has a lot of changes, which are described below:

Additional Stuff
- Support for Matrox Graphics' Surround Gaming. Use the console command "Surround" in-game to toggle it ON or OFF. Visit
- PlayersBalanceTeam and BalanceTeam options are back. PlayersBalanceTeam forces players to even up teams, while BalanceTeam affects bots.
- Identify info now displays hostages and enemies' names (enemies have a 1.5 seconds delay).
- Damage Mutators hook re-introduced.
- new player models: Arctic, Arctic Female, Red mask leader, SWAT heavy and Police heavy.
- Spectator scoreboard.
- Spectators can toggle behindview with the right mouse button.
- Admin commands added for Spectators: AdminSet, AdminReset, ServerEndRound, PKick, PKickBan, PTempKickBan.
- Keybind to sell current weapon in buyzone "k_SellWeapon".
- Spectators and waiting players are now shown on the scoreboard.

- When a match has ended, scoreboard will be shown for 13 seconds instead of 3 (default value). Edit the "TO_RestartWait" key in TacticalOps.ini to adjust it.
- Setting Gore option to "Reduced" or "Ultra low" will disable bloodtrails. It's now possible to fully disable blood in-game.
- When a server has "PlayersTeamBalance" enabled, only the "Random Team" button will be available when joining a game.
- SpeechBinder removed because not working properly.
- TeamSelectMenu: Team page no longer displayed in practice sessions (pointless), exit button removed in ExitGame menu.
- Random Team button selects the smallest team, if teams are equal then the one with the lowest score will be picked, otherwise a random team will be picked instead of (always) terrorists.
- When choosing a random model, the game will make sure it doesn't pick an over used one.
- Tweaked weapon firing volume in-game.
- Scoreboard: Admins are now displayed in yellow, and Location string is not displayed for dead people.
- Walking doesn't produce any footsteps sounds.
- Weapon Sounds updated.
- New 3rd person view muzzle flashes included (for all weapons). Fixes the heavy lag at close range of the previous ones.
- Bullet impact effects made more visible.
- Player speed reduced.
- Weapons rebalanced (damage, weight, rate of fire).
- Player collision cylinder and scale adjusted.
- HUD money display now shows money variations (gain and loss).
- TeamInfo function can now be toggled ON or OFF.
- Added color blinking when below 33% (Health, Armor display and TeamInfo).
- If Terrorists shoot hostage(s), default win (when reaching time limit) goes to Special Forces.
- When no player is left alive in a team, defending bots will go to attack.
- Forced updating of grenades in network. Sometimes they couldn't be heard or seen.
- Updated sniper crosshairs.
- Clipped admin email and server name text. (could overlap).
- Better bot difficulty scaling (easier in "Novice" mode and harder in "Professional").
- reduced flashbang's effect duration from 15 to 10 seconds.
- updated flashbang effect.
- Included updated OpenGLDrv.dll. Fixes Radeon 9700 problems. Thanks to Daniel Vogel from EPIC.
- Included updated IpDrv.dll. This fix causes the TO server to correctly process ICMP port unreachable messages, and disconnect any connection it receives one for. This solves the Windows 2000 creeping ping problem and the denial of service attack mentioned in this article ( Thanks to EPIC. Linux server admins should install this version:

- Scoreboard sometimes crashing the game at map change.
- Players joining from UT crashing servers. Players will be rejected instead.
- Various cheats fixed (preround hack, skin)
- "Return to game", "Context help" and "OpenLocation" options making in-game GUI disapear.
- Selling NightVision while it's active made it impossible to deactivate it.
- Minimizing the game and quitting it ended up in a crash.
- Money clipping problem fixed. Maximum money carried is set to $20000.
- Sometimes bots cannot defuse C4, leaving it "locked", and players couldn't defuse it.
- NightVision not reset when using the AdminReset console command.
- While spectating screen could be stuck in a weird rotation angle.
- Picking up weapons from players (or viewing them) using the "hidden weapon" option made them appear centered on screen.
- Messages not visible behing GUI (use "modulated" rendering in HUD options).
- Player location not displayed when using TeamSay, Name not greyed when dead.
- Wrong round number displayed in the scoreboard.
- C4 planted outside of bombzone.
- Ladder flying bug.
- AdminReset console command not resetting LTLostRounds, causing people to have too much money.
- Bug in weapons ROF (Rate Of Fire) calculation made weapons fire too fast.
- Recoil values were reduced when changing fire mode on the GL23 and M16 weapons.
- "ViewClass Spectator" console command enabling ghostview even when disabled on a server.
- Weapon firing right after planting C4 bomb.
- Models starting a round "half in the ground".
- Reloading 8 shells on Spas and Mossberg only displayed 7 animations.
- In armor and teaminfo display, colors were not going from green to yellow to red.
- When C4 was planted and both teams were killed the round would end with a Draw. (now it's an instant win for terrorists).
- Maps fixed/updated: GetAway access, TrainStation Spawn problem, GlasgowKiss & Thanassos & Blister & Unbreakable non solid areas.
- Bots sometimes left ConsoleTimers "stuck". Players couldn't finish the objectives.
- Bringing up the GUI (voice menu, buy menu, main menu) when firing or activating something lead to autofiring.
- Bots sometime shooting when a player joined a multiplayer game.
- ExplosionFF option was inverted.
- Bug that prevented bots from successfully accomplishing objectives.
- Grenades sometimes not thrown when releasing fire button.
- "Green guy" bug, when someone joined a server alone without joining the game and map would change.
- Fixed bot team killing.
- Bots are now assigned a name that fit their gender.

It looks like they're having some problems with mirroring, so you must get the older version, and then apply a patch. If something changes, I'll describe it here.

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