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A new platformer is available in Beta on iOS!

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In "To The UltraVioler", you're "Ultra", a little violet square, lost in all the rainbow colors. Your goal is to reach the ultraviolet color by passing through all the levels, killing your enemies on your way. There are 70 levels, there are 9 kinds of enemies on your way.

You need to go through the 70 levels in one go, and you need to kill every ennemies to go to the next level. Every level will bring you closer to the ultraviolet color (think about the rainbow, from the red to the violet).

In term of gameplay, I like to think that it is a mix of Mario and Bomberman. Mario because, well... It's a platfomer ! Bomberman because you need to kill enemies by throwing bombs. Because I couldn't make some 2d animations, I used the unity particles system to make really cool effects that I am very proud of.


To The UltraViolet is now available in Beta on iOS, we need feedbacks on levels difficulty ! Download now !

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