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I thought i would ask you lot as to what you would like me to do about the release of the mod.

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Hello all,
Sorry that its been a while since any updates of the sort but alot of real world issues have jumped in over this such as my mum and dad going through a nasty divorce with me and my mum fighting for the house over our heads. So it may be some time before any major work goes into the mod itself again so i had a thought to release my current build as a 0.5 beta. Just to let you know i have not really worked on skirmish much in this mod but mainly Galactic Conquest on the Equal Footings map. There are still alot of loose ends in terms of the Galactic gameplay however most of the inbattle balancing is sorted so far. When i get back to work on the mod there will be ground units hopefully but currently there is just stock units. Furthermore many of the stock game units have not yet been removed due to a lack of replacements. The Colonials and the Cylons are the sides which have had the most work so if you do want me to put it up i would say play them.

Also then i can ask on you lot to comment here with any suggestions and maybe pm me with changes or updates which could help this mod along while i sort out home issues.

So comment back with what you think ;)


LucianoStarKiller - - 2,399 comments

sorry to hear
good luck for you

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Roaming_Mutt - - 427 comments

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope things turn and get better. As for whether to release or not, I won't lie and say that everyone here would happy to wait for things to calm down but I say do what you think is best.

Releasing it now may help people come up with suggestions for changes and new ground units and such. One suggestion I have is the Viper Mk 1 class from the Caprica series.

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Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

hey, sorry to hear that mate, hope it gets better.
If you do do a release, i can tidy up the skirmish sode for u and then post it up if u want

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Nathanius - - 2,305 comments

I think that you're not describing something that'll help you in a 1.0 release, letting out a beta while things are at this stage wont be a big represenatation of your final work.

I would only release your "0.5" if you're planning on not continuing.

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Gruffudd - - 6 comments

Sorry to hear about R/L troubles. i'd love to see a beta release, all mods have to start somewhere, and it gives us something to play around with while we wait :-)

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DarkDragoon23 - - 19 comments

sorry about those R/L troubles, i think you should release, just as a beta

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pra_viilon - - 48 comments

The mod looks good its worth to play even if it is unfinished. Plus there are people who could finish it. skirmish is easy to do, even easier than galactic conquest. at least its so for me :P
man, good luck IRL though

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