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you're sent to investigate reports of murder in a facility. You find out xen creatures have killed nearly everybody. Now you have to choose whether you escape or stay and help survivors.

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TNSM in development!!!


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tnsm bannwer


Set during the xen invasion. You play as a cop whose been sent to investigate reports of murder in a facility. You find out the xen creatures have killed nearly everyone in the facility. You have the choice to

  • continue exploring the facility in search of survivors you can help.
  • Or you can escape and group up with you're coworkers.

you're choice.

tnsm bannwer dev 1

This mod has been in development for a year now. I almost have the escape section done. When I finish that I'll work on the lab section. It's been very fun working on this mod I've had to learn how to do a lot things such as: custom textures, Sound effect creation, voice acting, etc. It's been only me working on the mod so development has been quite slow. I figured I'd make a moddb page to post updates. So follow for updates. I can't wait to release this mod.

neophus - - 581 comments

Not bad, but it needs more work, more details and less "square". In the 4th screenshot the guardrail is too brightly, maybe due to the configuration, has to be solid not additive or texture.

The atmosphere is a bit too flat, try to play with color tones and brightness, making tests to get your own atmosphere.

Important to put real brush light and not only the light entity. Buy the way I recommend to use light texture, the render is better than the classic entity light.

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FreeSlave - - 276 comments

The canal and the room with a tank look kinda blocky. Could definitely use some work on the ceiling and walls to make it less square-ish.

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Guest - - 694,991 comments

I don't understand why people are saying it looks blocky like what do you expect from a wip goldsrc mod

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monster_urby - - 3,035 comments

Take a look at other mods out there. The bar for GoldSRC mods is pretty high nowadays with things like Echoes or Signal Lost.

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neophus - - 581 comments

Totally agree ! And Black Mesa Mods are very good too to have inspiration, it's what I use to watch for my own creations

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Seacat08 Author
Seacat08 - - 21 comments

I think it looks pretty good for being a rookie. I've only been mapping for 2 or 3 years now.

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soyagustinariel - - 139 comments

Yeah it does look pretty good, so don't worry, keep it up, finish your mod and go for details later, details are secondary. When ppl focus too much on visuals they end up having boring mods just like those two that were mentioned earlier.

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Guest - - 694,991 comments

so where is the download link?

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Seacat08 Author
Seacat08 - - 21 comments

It's currently in development. I don't have a release date set yet

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Hmn234 - - 50 comments

I like the menu screen

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