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The wonders of modlaunch. My forewords about modlaunch, and some polls.

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Greetings, ModDB community. My name is many things, you may know me as Atheon, or UnbeknownOsiris. I'm new to Sins modding, and am aspiring my greatest ideas about Sins into this little mod I like to call "Titanic Titans."

The mod itself is fairly simple; it changes the size of Titans and the way they work. Each Titan now has a tactical use rather than just destruction. For example, the Vorastra (Vasari Loyalist Titan) now has more of a destructive role, and doesn't work as well heading a fleet, as, say, the Coronata. Some Titans are less focused on abilities and more on raw firepower, and their stats and abilities have been changed to reflect this. For now, you can view the images I have uploaded. The image representing a Titan contains information within the description about the changes to this Titan.

Currently, my main issue is balancing. Each Titan has its strengths and weaknesses, and some of the ideas I have may break some balancing issues. So here's poll number one. Would you like some features that may break balance but make the game more interesting?

For example, I'd like to give each Titan a unique buff that reflects their playstyle. The Ankylon would receive something like a massive armour boost upon reaching level 10, and a unique ability to go with it. This would make the Titan extremely difficult to defeat with proper XP farming. (I'm looking at you, Eradica.) Would this be better or worse for the course of the mod?

Which brings us to poll number two. I've been considering implementing multiple "variants" of the same Titan into factions. We'll use the Ragnarov for this example. Type one would be the base Ragnarov, railgun and all. It'd be the Titan you were used to. However, let's say we take the Ragnarov, remove its passive railgun, and replace it with a low-antimatter cost low-cooldown ability. Instead of using a railgun, it would now have a greater shield power, armour, and would be armed with a replacement, let's say, close-ranged shotgun beams. We'll call this variant the Ragnarok. Its abilities would be changed to further represent a more close-ranged Titan, making it a deadlier ship against corvettes, strikecraft, and light frigates, but less effective against Capitals and other Titans.

For another example, we'll put in our left hand the Vorastra. In the mod currently, it has a single long-ranged weapon (phase cannons) accompanied by many, many short-ranged weapons and abilities. Let's say we take its ultimate (The Maw) and replace it with an ability that can disable any ship at a great distance and deal massive damage to it, outright destroying most ships smaller than a Capital. We take all its weapons and give them higher cooldowns and increase their damage and range, or lower their cooldowns, increase range and decrease damage. And we'll call this variant the "Void" variant. Would variants prove better for the mod?

And finally, would you like to see some Titans from assorted mods re-created through my system? I can contact the mod creators and get proper permissions to edit their content, then release it as "mini-mods" on this page.

Overall, thank you for the good starting comments. I'm enjoying putting my work into this, and I hope you guys will too!


I like the idea of getting a bonus at lvl 10, a reward for getting your titan to that level :) But if the other players don't have titans near that level, they are screwed!

and the titan variants sounds good, so if you like the look of a titan but pick other races because of their playstyle, this gives you a chance to pick your favourite titan with abilities you actually like :) if that makes sense? haha

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Other titan variants would be pretty cool and adding a bonus at level 10 sounds interesting.

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