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Get optimal experience of adventure when playing.

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Tips and Tricks for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Get optimal experience of adventure when playing

You are most probably now already deep in the adventures of Geralt, but if we can stop some now. We will in fact give you some tips and tricks to best enjoy the adventure of the Polish designers in CD Projekt Red.

General tips:

  1. Remember that you can always change the difficulty of the game, even during combat. Do not let your lack of skill stop adventure.
  2. Take what you powers of things that relate to alchemy and crafting.
  3. Your first armor can be upgraded, so do not sell it at the earliest opportunity.
  4. Geralt has a "Witcher" sense that can show you everything that is possible to take in the immediate area. Not unlike what you had in Dragon Age: Inquisition
  5. Weapons or armor can be created by blacksmiths, but the quality will depend on his expertise.
  6. Runes to upgrade weapons, while glyphs are for armor.
  7. If you get too drunk in a bar, you will lose health. (This is also true in real life.)
  8. Food is a free alternative for health than potions. Not as effective but much more accessible and free.
  9. Remember that there are differences between monsters depending on whether it is day or night.
  10. Completing the main story, some missions become utilgengjelige.

Tips for battle:

  1. Signs are the most important thing you should invest skill-points in.
  2. Are you fighting from horseback, the horse can be intimidated. It weighed that your attacks are powerful.
  3. All enemies have a weakness that you can exploit.
  4. Axil Sign reduce fear in horses.
  5. The marshes contain flammable gas. Use it to your advantage.

Earn Money:

  1. Side-quests gives you money
  2. Sellers accept only Crowns. Orens of Florin are available for substitution Vivaldi's bank in Novigrad
  3. The stronger monsters guarding a treasure, the better is the treasure.
  4. It is not intended that you should get rich selling things.

Tips for history:

  1. The dialogue is actually much more important than past games. Information will make it possible to give you more opportunities.
  2. The choices you make affect more than just the current mission
  3. Some quests can only be completed based on what you remember from earlier information. Stay tuned!
  4. Axil Sign will not give you friends, but important information
  5. Gray dialogue choice is to get information-
  6. Some dialogue options is the time limit on.
  7. If someone is lying to you, reveal them.

About the world:

  1. Fast traveling is fastest, but you will not miss much.
  2. Investing in equipment to the horse is a good thing.
  3. The most controversial choices you make are often the most winning.
  4. Sea monsters MAY lower your boat.
  5. Gwent should be played often.

If you have any tips, then comment it on the list below this


You're not a hammer; not every problem is a nail.
Pick and choose your battles as fighting everyone/everything will guaranty you having several unwanted holes in your body.
Fighting "honorably" is fine and dandy but has the tendency to get you and others killed.
Pragmatism is well rewarded; make the enemy fight on your terms, not on even terms, and certainly not on theirs.
Professionals are predictable, but the world is full of dangerous amateurs.
If it's stupid, but works, it's not stupid.
If you are short of everything except enemies, you're in combat.
If you're missing something on your quest, then it's the item that was needed.

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I've been playin Witcher 3 for 15 hours I'm quite excited so far. Sadly my pc needs upgrade and I have 25 fps so far :P

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i have even less fps but must play it bcs it is so awesome

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Guys, can you help me with this?
So, on the first map (dont know the name now) there are monsters of levels 1-7 I think.
But what about Velen, once I head north and encountered 15 level moster (unkillable as I was lvl 4), can anybody tell me in what areas should I continue side quests because it looks that in specific parts of map there are different levels of NPCs.And I wonder where should I go first.

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It's pretty mixed, but as long as you stick to areas your quests are you are gonna be alright, way north, the isles and some places down south are high level in most areas, but the general idea is explore with care, just run if you are outmatched and come back later

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yeah I figured out I neet to follow quest locations , damm this game is so good, lvl 9 now :)

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