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How do you survive in the game?

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Tips and tricks for Fallout 4

How do you survive in the game?

The wind whips over us all. A vast landscape full of mutants, humans and other weird things await us in the many hours ahead. While our reviewer is locked in our vaults under ground and not given permission to leave it until review is complete, we give you the best tips to survive and become the king / queen of the desert.

The tips are taken from Reddit their Fallout pages and by our reviewer.

1: There is a SPECIAL book entitled under Shaun's crib after leaving the vault. It provides 1+ points on one of your SPECIAL attributes. It is the only one of its kind in the game.

2: The further south, the more dangerous. The game starts on normal difficulty, but this can be a challenge already at the beginning of the game. Do not be afraid to go down the difficulty and avoid going far south at the beginning of the game. Be aware, though, that:

3: The higher the difficulty the more enemies Legendary: Legendary enemies are random common enemies that are stronger and have unique items on it.

Building settlements

4: Obtain Local leader perk as soon as possible. Once you have it you will be able to get one of your residents to start a trade line between the villages. You must provide one of habitants your mission there and they will be unavailable for anything else. But you will now have access to all resources from all objects.

5: Build a radio tower. Radio Tower attracts residents and residents attracts business community that will give you unique things to sell.

6. Will it be impossible to keep track of your inhabitants so building a bell. If you call the bell, they will gather around you.

7: Always have a mini nuke and fatman available for the absurd difficult boss fights.

8: Copper is extremely difficult to obtain. Use caution.


9. You may NOT romanticize all your team mates. Dogmeat, Deacon, Codsworth, Strong, Nick Valentine and X6-88 will only be friends, no matter how much you try.

10: Affiliate partner will judge you. The more they like you they will open special features. Neither can they die.

11: When you are not using a companion you can decide where to send them. This will also help you to protect individual interests.


12: Do not use Power Armor constantly. They are operated by Fusion core as there is only a limited number of. There are few areas exist where you are dependent on it. However, there are quite a few other Power Armor around the world. Play around with them to fusion core go out and sell the parts.

13: There are a lot fewer Radaway in Boston than what it was previously. So being poisoned would be worse to treat. There is a doctor of Diamond City who can help you.

14: There are unlimited leveling, so with enough work so you can get all the perks in the game.

15: Brotherhood of Steel has a fetch-quests that give you very much XP and cap for little work. Talk radio operator in Cambridge for this mission.

16: Quick Save often. Stored properly every time. There is an automatic saving function but it is often far between. You'll die more often than usual in Fallout 4 then store each time you want to explore a new area.

17: Charisma provides greater opportunities to get successful replies. Red text gives little chance for good answer, yellow text provides medium opportunities and green gives you almost guaranteed safe answer.

18: The first settlement which you will obtain is Sanctuary Hills. It can also be the most difficult to build around. Use resources to first choose a "headquarters" before you begin to build around.

19: You do not have to buy the house in Diamond City in 2000 caps. There is a big chance that your main base will be better place to be last.

If you have any tips for the game, look us know about it.

Enjoy your game and do not forget to survive!


Even tho i will never play Fallout 4 due to ****** PC, it was a nice read. Ohh and in number 16, there is a word "lagrinsfunksjon", what does it mean?

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Kark-Jocke Author

Oops! I did not see that one, "lagrinsfunksjon" it's a norwegian word.
In english it will say "saving function"

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good read and i agree that's some nice tips and tricks for beginners.

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