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TINC is unfortunately being shutdown due to corruption errors.

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Trouble in the City is unfortunately being shutdown. We were updating to Unity 5 and the game got corrupted. All of the text fonts... colors... all gone. We tried to fix it but it wouldn't let us. 0.45 will be the final version of it... we really tried. It was supposed to be our best game out of all the others. We're sorry guys... but don't feel too sad. We'll try to make a new game. It might be better...

Who am I kidding.. that game was the best! I can't do anything without it! We have no ideas left! ARGH. I don't know what to do... We'll come up something. The 2nd developer might... he's good with ideas. Unity 5 has new graphical features and advanced development so it might be great...

Ok. I guess thats the last news and first of this game...


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