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This is the story of the game, but from the perspective of a secondary character called Og. It is not the final version, there will be modifications to it, but we thought that it would be a good direction for it. Now we are working on Timo-T's perspective. If You have the time to read it please tell us if you like the direction that this is heading.

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Timo-T: Og’s perspective


It’s the year 1825. My apologies if I’m not properly introducing myself, I do not wish to do so. All i can tell you is that I used to go by the name of Og, but that was a long long time ago... I’m going to tell you a story… a true story, that happened many millenniums ago... when we had no technology… no medicine… no vehicles... haven’t invented the wheel... haven’t discovered fire... haven’t even invented speech, we understood others like us through different types of grumbles, sounds and gestures. We had no concept of existence, we were just there.

This... was also a time when the “strangers” came to visit us. They would come with their vessel from far beyond the sky… yes, they could fly. They came from a place we’d all wish we could go. They had weird clothes, not like ours - skins from different animals wrapped around our ties - they were like anything I’ve seen ‘till this day, they were… how should I call it? … unearthly. Every time they would come, they would bring us gifts, like the gift of fire and the gift of building a shelter and of course the gift of speech, they taught us many things. In exchange they would chose one of us to go with them. Each time they came back we all prayed to be chosen, but they only chose the tallest, the strongest and the fastest among us. Where you ask? We didn’t know at the time, we only thought that they were chosen to go with them to a special place, to learn new things and after a while to bring them back with all the knowledge that they had, but we were terribly wrong. How do i know this? well… I was there, just a little kid, but things like this you just can’t forget. I remember it so vividly ‘till this day, like it was yesterday, I can’t remember where i was 10 years ago, but I can remember these events.

One of the strangers got closer to us, taught us how to create tools out of wood, rocks and plants, taught us how to protect ourselves from the dangers that we were facing each day and many more other things which helped us improve our way of life, for this I shall be forever thankful. He said his name was Timo and that he was part of an expedition team, made out of scientists from their world, and that they were sent in T sector of the Univers (at the time I didn't understand what that ment), so I called him Timo-T.

After a while they just stopped coming. Years were passing by and they just wouldn’t come back. During their absence we tried to reproduce what we saw, scratching the walls with rocks, or anything for that matter that could leave a mark so that we could remember them and teach our children about these strangers, these “saviours” of our kind. Without their help we were lost... We called them GODS.

As years were passing, I noticed how things changed. We started to cultivate our land, to care more about others than us, we started resembling to a big family. I became a man, i wasn’t a child anymore, I had a child of my own. My main concern was to provide food for my offspring. We were all happy.... With all of this happening around me, I never stopped believing that one day they would come back and take us to that special place, which was clearly, at the time, far better than ours from many points of view… Until one day we saw those delightful sparkling lights in the sky. Celebrations started. When they told us “You are all coming with us” we were in a state of extasy… They took us to their vessel… A massive door opened, we saw a bright light that came from their vessel it was warm and so hypnotizing, it gave us a happy feeling, all that we could think at that time was “we’re finally going to that magical place”... if you were in my place you’d definitely want to go in that “bright light at the end of the tunnel”...

We went in and all of the sudden everything went black… When i woke up (to be honest I only remember flashbacks) I was in this giant room strapped to a flat metal surface with all these giant needles stuck in me, everyone else was sleeping, I was the only one awake, the only one that felt this excruciating pain. I could see our so called GODS repeating the process to everyone in the room, fortunately none of them was awake.

Time has passed, I don't know how much, it was constant darkness with a limited sight range, only when they would come, the light became brighter and I could see further in this giant room, but this didn't happen often. The Pain was unbearable, but after a while you get used to it. Sometimes I even managed to close my eyes for a while to get some sleep.

One day I woke up due to a powerful sound like it was the end of the world and I saw Timo-T standing next to me, told me to not make a sound, while he would pull out the needles from my body. He said that I was special and that I had to escape this place. Aparently we were still on earth, not beyond the sky as I once thought, as a matter a fact we were deep underground, into a volcano, in a place built by them and used for studying other species, from people like you and me to animals that we hunted for food. They were searching for immortality and were convinced that the answer to their quest was here... in us. Aparently they managed to get the result that they wanted through me, but the only one that knew about this was Timo-T, he kept the results hidden from the other strangers and that's why it was a vital thing that I would escape this Volcano Vault.

“Listen to me if you go that way they will find you and catch you and later you’ll be strapped again in this place, go the other way, there you will find a door that has opened because of the maze protocol. It’s a defence system in case anyone would discover this facility. Remember you are 50 levels buried underground, in order to get to the surface you will have to break the code to open 50 doors, but beware the lasers and the cannons. Each time you pass one door the next one will be harder! It is imperative that you manage to get outside! Go now! You are running out of time!!! The level of the lava is rising! GO!! I’ll catch up I just have to take the data here for later study. I’ll see you on the other side!” All I had to do now was just to move as fast as I could to regain my freedom.

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