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Telling you about the new release of Rogue Empire: 0.8.7! Lots of updates, including new bosses, chests and events!

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Ok, a massive update for this version. I am sure I am forgetting something but here are most of the new things in Rogue Empire!

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Change log for Alpha v0.8.7

New Features:

  • Added the game intro video.
  • Added new world map events.
  • Added a new dungeon to the main campaign.
  • Added partial storytelling to the main campaign.
  • Improved closed dungeon generation to make more interesting levels.
  • Added destructible barrels and boxes.
  • Added Loot Chests. Most are locked, but some can be open.
  • Added 4 new soul essence perks.
  • Old save games now might load and are flagged as (unsupported/old).
  • Added several more music tracks.
  • Town now protected by guards.
  • Added 6 new enemies and 1 new boss.
  • The world in the main campaign now slowly transforms into shadows!
  • Added old save support.


  • Weapon descriptions now show if a weapon is 1 handed or 2 handed.
  • Added the satiation amount explicitly to the character sheet.
  • Equipment now automatically replaces equipped equipment.
  • Added the [E] sign at items titles and the enchanted keyword at its descriptions if that’s the case.
  • Improved several sounds that where sounding way to laud.
  • Added tooltips to inventory subtypes.
  • Added the amount of weight to item title in inventory for easy view of it.
  • You now can know how much money a merchant has left.
  • Energy used now showed in log for actions other than moving. This will be improved as I am not happy with the current implementation.
  • Increased sizes of several menus.
  • World map events that give items now scale and give different type of items.
  • Interactables now work with the keyboard too.
  • Summons now marked with green face for friendly ones and red face for unfriendly ones.
  • Added several new supporters (patreons, helpers and tippers)
  • Added gear comparer when shopping items.
  • Hovering over any time information in the character window now shows the amount of turns the character spend since the start of the game.
  • Added some inventory keyboard support: up/down arrows to move through items, left right arrows to move through categories and sub categories, spacebar to toggle category/subcategory view, return to do default action.


  • Mage potion abilities now have a chance to give you some out of the ordinary potions.
  • Lowered the world map ambush frequency by 50%
  • Lower the icy levels procs
  • Scrolls, rations and potions weight less.
  • Merchant appearance chance reduced by 15%
  • 1-handed weapons got buffed.
  • Several warrior, archer and assassin abilities got buffed.
  • Removed traps of the first level of the small forgotten dungeon.
  • Archers now start with a dagger in addition to their ranged weapon.
  • Tearing spells now only do max hp based damage to caster.
  • Nature restoration and divine shield spells nerfed.
  • Magic missiles spell nerfed.
  • Your own summons now grant the caster 90% of the xp if they do the killing blow.
  • Reduced overall high level trap effects by 30%.
  • Eghoss campaign bosses where nerfed slightly.
  • Merchants now sell 40% more items.
  • Increased food and potion drop rate.
  • Increased hp potions drop rate versus mana potions.
  • Increased weapon drop rates.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the ring of resurrection might trigger in an odd way.
  • Fixed bug where the elf racial ability would not work.
  • Fixed a bug where some out of level 2handed weapons might generate at low levels.
  • Fixed tower of the sages lvl 6 name not being displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where warrior trap ready armor ability would not work with newer traps.
  • Fixed bug when fimtar shadow tower archer would not engage when in melee range.
  • Fixed graphical bug with crossbows display on character.
  • Fixed issue where some assassin abilities would not be drawn.
  • Fixed animation bug with archer special shots when done with guns.
  • Fixed issue where items in the inventory would compress them self.
  • Fixed infinite bullet bug.
  • Fixed scrolling issue in inventory.
  • Winning the Eghoss campaign now properly shows the scoreboard and gives the proper soul essence.
  • I hope the mushroom in the corner graphical bug is fixed...
  • Fixed bug where using a scroll or wand of clearing path would crash the game.
  • Look now properly uses energy.

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