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Congratulation on gaining your first townspeople, but if you wish to expand the town beyond a handful of buildings, more building materials are necessary. In this guide, we will cover how to gather lumber and plastic in Blockville including the various types of collection and storage buildings. With these two building resources, your town will be able to continuously expand and welcome new citizens.

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Welcome to Blockville’s Building Resources Guide

After you have your first residents, it will become necessary to start gathering additional building resources (lumber and plastic) to continue expanding the town as the initial resource allowance will only go so far. As all the farming structures require lumber to build, this is the next resource you will need to have your citizens work to produce.

Lumberjack Hut


In order to do this, you will need to use imagination points to unlock the Lumberjack Hut. This building needs to be placed with trees in the yellow collection area to produce lumber. The more trees in the collection area, the more resources will be generated by the building when townspeople are working.

Plastic Hut


After getting a source of lumber developed, the following resource collecting building to unlock will be the Plastic Hut to gather plastic. This is a basic plastic mining structure that needs to be placed with the collection area overlapping a plastic deposit, which are the piles of brightly colored cubes on the surface of the landscape.



The Sawmill is an improved version of the Lumberjack Hut as it has a larger collection area and therefore is able to produce more lumber per unit of time. In addition to requiring 4 workers, same as the Lumberjack Hut, it also requires 3 electricity to function.

Plastic Mine


Similar to the Sawmill, the Plastic Mine is an upgraded version of the Plastic Hut and is capable of greater output due to a larger collection area. It has the same requirements to operate as the Sawmill, specifically 4 workers as well as 3 electricity.

Lumber and Plastic Storage


The Wood Storage and Plastic Storage buildings both add 100 units of storage capacity to the town for either lumber or plastic, respectively.

With these two building materials, you can construct any of the buildings in Blockville. Continue unlocking additional buildings with your imagination points to improve the quality of life for your citizens. Next time, we will be taking a look at the power production buildings in Blockville as well as how to avoid the negative effects that are associated with it.

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