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So, I was thinking we make an article concerning the events of the war. I know you all can do it better then myself, but I'm trying.

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1029-313 ABY

Captain Branden Magister initiates a raid on the Sullust system with the intent of crippling its shipyards and dealing the first decisive blow of the war to come. However, he is stopped before he reaches the sector by the Federation perimeter stations, which drag his Majestic Squadron out of hyperspace along the Rimma trade route.

The Federation's third defense flotilla, commanded by vice admiral Malan Drayson, exits hyperspace near the Imperial squadron, preparing for combat. The two forces engage, but Majestic Squadron, outnumbered as it is, quickly finds itself outmaneuvered and outgunned as well.

With few options, captain Magister orders a focused barrage on the bridge of the Federation command ship; while the squadron is unable to damage the ship before being destroyed, they are able to deplete the shields to the point where power from other systems of the ship must be drawn in order to reinforce the defenses.

In this way, the Federation command ship is unable to maintain the gravity well projection it had previously created, giving the remainder of the Imperial squadron a narrow window to escape. Three Imperial ships survive the small skirmish: the Praetor command ship, an Allegiance Star Destroyer, and an Interdictor cruiser. The rest of the squadron is destroyed, and the Imperial attack repelled. The Federation flotilla suffers minor losses. Federation victory.

1119-313 ABY

Commander S'vashi Nereen leads a Federation attack on the Bacrana system, destroying the planetary defenses before moving on to Allanteen itself, taking formation behind one of the moons in the system.

An Imperial strike force, commanded by admiral Harx, responds to the Federation attack, exiting hyperspace in formation with the planetary defenses. Majestic Squadron, headed by rear admiral Branden Magister, emerges behind the Federation flotilla, having come from a scouting mission in Bacrana.

Majestic Squadron engages the Federation flotilla while the Imperial strike force advances away from the planetary defenses. Commander Nereen outmaneuvers Majestic Squadron as the three ships attempt a ramming maneuver; all three ships are lost; Branden Magister escapes in a starfighter, withdrawing from the battle.

The Federation flotilla forms up and engages the Imperial strike force commanded by admiral Harx. The Federation command ship, the Silphen destroyer Sword of Damocles, engages two of the Imperious Star Destroyers, while the Excalibur, a Nebula Star Destroyer, engages another two; the Naegling, the flotilla's Warlock Star Destroyer, provides fire support for the Excalibur. Meanwhile, the flotilla's three Scythes engage the final Imperious while the corvettes and frigates stay together, targeting the strike force's Ardent frigates and Vigil corvettes.

After a grueling battle, the Federation flotilla emerges victorious; the Imperial strike force is destroyed in its entirety, and the flotilla's surviving fighters engage and destroy the planetary defenses. Admiral Harx's flagship is destroyed and he goes down with his ship. The Federation flotilla suffers the loss of one of its Scythe cruisers, as well as three Coronas and one of its Nexus corvettes. The Sword of Damocles is out-of-commission, as is the Excalibur. The Naegling suffers little damage.

The flotilla departs the system, its damage done; two Acclamator carriers move in to secure the sector while the flotilla plots a course for Falleen to repair and rearm. Federation victory.

1120-313 ABY

Federation supreme commander Malan Drayson initiates an attack on Mechis III, taking formation behind one of the system moons and jamming communications and sensors, preventing the Imperials from detecting the opposing forces.

The Grand Imperial Fleet responds to the attack, exiting hyperspace in formation with the planetary defenses, awaiting the Federation attack. The Eriadu core fleet emerges from behind the moon it had taken refuge behind, forming up and advancing on the Grand Imperial Fleet.

The two fleets engage and mass confusion ensues to all save the commanders of each fleet. However, the end of the battle is clear enough: after suffering a few losses, the Federation fleet destroys the last of the Grand fleet's Star Destroyers, allowing the entirety of the core fleet to focus its fire on the Grand fleet's flagship: the Executor Super Star Destroyer. With the Viscount Star Defender taking the brunt of the ship's firepower, the rest of the fleet is able to destroy the flagship, effectively ending the battle.

The Federation fleet finishes off the planetary defenses before collecting life pods and recording casualties on both sides of the conflict. It then forms up and departs for Federation space for repairs and preparation for another expedition. Federation victory.

1209-313 ABY

The Treaty of Cyrilla is drafted between the Empire and the Federation. The terms are as such: a minimum one-year ceasefire between the two factions, which will immediately be broken should one faction engage in hostilities with the other; the acknowledgement by the Empire of the Federation's authority over the Allanteen and Mechis III sectors; the concession, in the form of war reparations, of the Mimban sector by the Empire to the Federation.

The treaty is signed by the ranking members of each faction, admiral Malan Drayson and senator Mace Windu of the Federation, and admiral Ferek Pao and emperor Tarl of the Empire, resulting in an established, albeit shaky, peace between the two factions and an immediate end to all hostilities.

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