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Thanks to Skewer, I finally got around adding all of CABAL_REBORNs new voicelines to the game. So no more TW Nod EVA for CABAL. Hurray! The rest of the changes is mostly bug fixes and two new special powers for the Forgotten (still very much WiP).

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Sorry for the lack of updates in the last couple of month, but a combination of RL issues and a servere lack of ideas meanth that I didnt really had much to release. However, as CABAL_REBORN put a lot of effort in recording new voicelines for CABAL, it would be a shame to delay the next release any longer than I already did.

As such, I want to give a big Shout Out to CABAL_REBORN for recording so many new CABAL lines and to Skewer for his help adding them to the game!

1.8 Beta 7
Overall Changes
-A couple graphical fixes and additions

-Fixed missing icon for the power plant upgrade
-Gorgons now need a Research Nexus instead of a Assimilation Node to be build (as these money generators are supposed to be late game boni)
-Valkyries now also require a Drone Factory before they can be build
-Rewritten the technicians "Production Surge" ability from scratch. It should cause less issues now and as an added bonus, buildings affected by it will have a particle effect to show it.
-Fixed an issue that prevented CABALs repair drones from re-spawning
-Added more of CABAL_REBORN's audio for CABAL

-Fixed a glitch where newly build Hammerheads are briefly seen rising from the ground

-The Advanced Power Plant now counts as Power Plant for build requirements (i.e. you can still build a Hand of Nod if you got a Advanced Power Plant but no regular Power Plant)
-Fixed a issue with some Avatar parts not being shown after the upgrades
-Changed the Salamander engine effects to match the Wraith. The red particles are now used only for CABAL aircraft.

-Added two new specialpowers: "Uneasy Alliance" calls in some mutant reinforcements, ie units that normally appear in tech buildings like a hovel. "Call to Action" allows you to instantly take over an unowned tech building. Both powers are still very work in progress and might change a lot later on (might also switch the names now that I am looking at it again).

If you are wondering when the next update might hit: I have no idea. I have basicly added everything I ever wanted to add and right now, I cant think of anything major for the next versions (aside from maybe a different EVA for the Forgotten).

Radu273 Online

hurray! awaiting download release!

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Did you put that voice changer tool to a good use? ;D

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Hello. You can tweak the AI ‚Äč‚Äčthroughout the campaign. Simply, in almost every mission, the enemy either does not attack or attacks very rarely, even on a high difficulty level. And in the campaign for the GDI, in the mission for the return of the "White House" there is no assembly shop and GDI snipers. And you can make sure that in all missions of all factions, the enemy does not need resources. It is very interesting to play when you are constantly attacked. I love long missions with deep defense))

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Can I listen to those CABAL_REBORN voice lines somewhere?

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It would not hurt to add more units for each faction from the same, tiberium twilight (for example) a variety would not hurt.Separately, I want to say about the forgotten ones, the icons of buildings look cool (apparently taken from tiberium Alliance), but when built they look like from Red Alert.

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