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Summary: six maps (but some of which we've already seen) and a bunch of wa-a-acky new sounds. Just more Josh Mills things.

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Row, row, row your boat, down the porting stream... Merrily, merrily, merrily, Mac is just a dream

As we continue porting the collected works of Josh Mills, we encounter tiger meat on the menu. (Please don't actually eat tigers though.) Tiger Cavern is a 6-level mapset for the First Encounter. According to Dermuda's chronology, it represents a First Encounter version of Dragon Cavern. That's not completely true, as disparity in the number of maps is quite big (6 here, over 20 there), but as far as I can tell from memory, at least some Tiger Cavern maps (possibly all) previously made their debut in Dragon Cavern. The ones I was able to verify have, of course been altered to some extent; some of those changes are necessary to adapt the maps to First Encounter limitations, but there also seem to be some minor alterations in terms of balance and layout. Otherwise, you probably know what to expect of Josh Mills maps at this point. Go on, the tiger dish is waiting.

...wait a second. Did I call Tiger Cavern a mapset? Well, that's not entirely true. While it was distributed solely as a mapset in some compilations, the scenario also comes with a Tiger Cavern-specific sound pack. I have, of course, included all these sounds in this package. They're rather unusual to say the least, being an assortment of onomatopeias and some shouting about llamas. I have no idea where they come from; perhaps Josh Mills recorded them himself, as googling for specific quotes brings up no relevant results. Well, just look out for those llamas.

Josh Mills.

tigercavern 2

tigercavern 1

Tiger Cavern

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