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Tide of War: The Clone Wars still needs assistance with development. With only two staff members currently, this mod needs your help to make it to completion!

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Tides of War: The Clone Wars still needs help with development in order to reach a completed state. As of now, there are only two staff members working on the mod, with much more additional help required to create a comprehensive and enjoyable mod.

If you have any modding skills that you can bring to the table in an effort to get this mod completed and ready for players then please step forward. Over 95% of all physical assets (models, textures, etc.) are already complete and ready for game implementation. That said, there is still much to be done to polish off what has the potential to be a very immersive and enjoyable mod for the community. Specifically, we're looking for (in order):

1) Star System/Space Station Scripter: Freelancer's engine uses a relatively intuitive design for creating star systems and dockable solars (space stations, shipyards, etc.). With this said, though intuitive in nature, this is a very time intensive process in addition to requiring a medium of creativity in designing layouts for star systems. Most all of the star systems for the mod have preliminary designs completed on paper/images but still require in-game design implementation.

2) General Coder/Scripter: Even more intuitive than system and solar scripting is general ship, weapon, equipment, and commodity scripting. Again, a simple system, but a time-intensive task of adding all the necessary scripting to the game for the purposes of making all of our great models flyable and usable in the game.

Once more, this mod needs further help to complete development. Please, if you have skills and are looking for a project, step up to the plate now!


FOR GODSAKE I WISH I CAN...but i have no idea how. thats the big problem...hmmm i can ask Sushi and Co they work at Freeworlds Tides of War. maybe they can help u. Is this an idea?

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ArvisTaljik Author

I'm pretty sure they have their hands full already but okay, feel free to ask.

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Same issue I have... I know jack squat about modding freelancer, other than the extreme basics of installing mods and following those directions, with an occasional tiny file edit here or there. I'd love to help, but I'm also backlogged on my other work, both IRL and online, that I'd like to finish before starting another endeavor. I might be able to help later, but not right now.

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