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So close to the IGF submit deadline! The last update before the IGF.

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This our last update before the IGF’s submission deadline. We are focussing all of our efforts on being able to reach Saturday with a working version of Okhlos.
This is practically our wallpaper:

We still don’t know if we’ll be able to submit a version of Okhlos, because we think that it’s better not to send anything at all than sending a poor version of the game. We’ll always have next year (and Paris).
To illustrate this short update, here is a graphic representation of the feeling around here.

That’s one of Apollo’s arrows, reaching a poor philosopher.
We would be the philosopher, and the IGF would be the arrow.
I have the pathological need to explain the obvious.

Next week we will return to our usual updates! Full of joy and uninteresting facts.


Best uninteresting update... ever!

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