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Tiberium Rim 1.3 just released, and here is the new content!

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Veinmonster, small veiny creature that is spawned by Veins, very weak on its own, but strong in masses, its size makes it hard to hit with guns.

Tiberium Power Plant, uses Tiberium fuel which powers it.
Tiberium Inhibitor Fences, powered fences with 1 wide radius of inhibition. Consume small amount of power per part.
Tiberium Decrystallizer, works as the terrain pump, instead slowly cures any tiberium infested terrain to its corresponding decrystallized version.
Tiberium Rocks(Walls), Once Tiberium comes in contact with any rock type it has a chance of instead damaging it to infect it with the corresponding type (Green, Blue, Red, Vein) and act as a mineable resource.
Tiberium Towers, random structures that get spawned in big enough fields, green version has many textures and is more common, blue version is the monolith.
Veinhole, a new Tiberium source that spreads veins instead of crystals. Veins spawn Veinmonsters and don't infect but hurt the player with blunt damage.

Tiberium Fuel, used for Tiberium powerplant.
Raw veins, resource harvested from veins.

New Infection System.
Pawns now get a tiberium buildup while in contact to Tiberium.
This can develop to a Stage One infection which will last for a while and stop, but causes serious weakening.
If Buildup goes higher, Stage One becomes Stage Two, an irreversible state which leads to either a body part being infected(curable with amputation).
Or the pawn mutating, this can be either good or bad. Which is a permanent buff or debuff.
Mutation also causes Tiberium dependency, an addiction which gives the pawn a need to stand in Tiberium.
Mutation makes pawn immune to Tiberium.

Tiberium Spread Behaviour:
When Tiberium hits water terrain it corrupts it to "tiberium infested water" and grows a glacier on it instead.
When Tiberium hits rock walls it corrupts them correspondingly.
Veins don't grow glaciers.
When a 3x3 tile set of green tiberium is present it has a rare chance of creating a tiberium tower, same for blue tiberium only rarer and with a rather dangerous Tiberium Monolith.
A chance has been added to Tiberium spread for randomized spread patterns.

Tiberium Types:
Tiberium Glaciers only grow on water, are hard to get rid of, and passable, but very slowly.
Tiberium Veins bleed when hurt, and spawn Veinmonsters randomly.

Ion Storm, when triggered only starts once Map has certain amounts of all types present. Causes Ion Storm weather, Ion Storm mapcondition (just visual) and solar flare, should last 2 days.

Bug fixes/Changes:
Inhibitors now don't stop working after being damaged in the slightest.
Tiberium doesn't place roof-zones when spreading into mountains anymore.
Tiberium cannot be stopped by building a wall of graves anymore.
Tiberium will not be hurt by Toxic Fallout anymore.
Tiberium producers will now attack buildings to fix an exploit that involves enclosing a producer to stop tiberium spread.
Tiberium won't dig endlessly into mountains anymore, creates corrupted rock.
Monolith event removed and replaced by spawning as a "Tiberium Tower".
Tiberium production buildings leave crystals to spread when destroyed.
Tiberium doesn't spread on inhibited tiles anymore.

New buildings textures.
New building sizes.
Descriptions improved, typos fixed.

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