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As October comes to a close, Tiberian Dawn at last makes a triumphant return!

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With a bolt of lightning and a boom of thunder, Tiberian Dawn bursts ominously onto the scene once more! That's right, kiddies, hold on to your pants and prepare to be astonished, because we've got a new blog, plenty of new content, and one scary story to share, so get your trick-or-treat bags ready and click the haunted Hand of Nod link below.

Gregthegen - - 777 comments

Thanks for the update and good work on the models!

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Dutchygamer - - 871 comments

Hehe, good to see the mod still has progress :)

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Packer - - 494 comments

I always thought in the back of my mind, what happened to this and did it die. I suppose a bolt of lightning would actually kill something but I'll go with it.

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alphaflight83 - - 31 comments

It is alive!!!
It's good to see some progress, especially when the progress looks that good! Keep it up.

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The_Mastodon - - 4,279 comments

I don't think the arm of the hand should come out on the back of the Hand of Nod, I think it would look better if the wall just slided down flat.

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mrl515 - - 888 comments

Well, when you put together a mod (and I'm not saying I can) as good as this one, then you can decide what stuff looks like. I don't care for it either, but if that's what they want, then I say its fine.

I've worked with PR stuff before with various groups and mods, and while your comment was perfectly fine, (I didn't mean to bash you like that, sry) others often comment on seemingly little details that are in actuality very difficult to change. Just sayin... ;)

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Lazy6pyro - - 501 comments

I wanted to clarify that it's not actually the "arm" that is covering up the back of the building, but a suggestion of rock from which the Hand was carved from to bring the homage to the original hand full-circle. Maybe we didn't suggest this concept well enough.

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dylanAI - - 46 comments

ooooh scary!

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