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Through the Woods has entered its final week on Kickstarter. Exciting times are ahead, but we really need help to cross the finish line. We made a funny video about programming and medieval fencing to show you how cool we are.

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Backer Update 8 - 55% Funded, Final Week! Video Update 5, The Systems and Swordsmanship of Through the Woods

Hello there, faithful friends and backers!

We're at 55% funded now, and have over 700 backers! We're into the final week and now is the time where it starts getting exciting! Will we make our goal?

We'll need help from everyone willing, so please share the project with everyone you can! There hasn't been much press so far and we need to get the game out in front of more people.

We just shared our story to Reddit here as well if you want to see some other nice pictures about our journey so far.

For this video update, Torstein, our lead programmer, talks about how some of the systems work in Through the Woods. He also describes his other very important role in Antagonist.

At least we'll be ready for any challengers coming our way!

Did you check out our awesome t-shirts?

Since we're a small indie company we won't be able to stock the t-shirts, so we plan to only print enough for those of you who order through the Kickstarter campaign now.
We have a few left of the model that was printed for some expos we've gone to, so here's a picture from today's lunch-excursion for some sun:

They are also very appropriate in a social setting. They make you look quite suave and cool like these guys.

If, like us, you think they look rather fetching and want to get a t-shirt of your own then you can either pledge for the WOODS WEAR tier ($60 + $15 shipping) that gets you the Digital Collectors Edition of the game and your choice of two different t-shirts. Or you can Add-on $40 to any other tier to also get a t-shirt (please include $15 for shipping if your tier doesn't already include shipping).

What's coming up in the next days? We'll continue to work at spreading news about our campaign to make sure we end up funded and we really hope you can help us with this.

Check out the demo if you haven't already. We'd love to hear any feedback you have in the comments.

That's it from us for this time.

Thank you all again for joining us by the campfire for the rest of the story.

Ole, Dan, Stian, Ole Erik, Torje, Torstein and Anders

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