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This is the information about Three Main Period of my own universe. Read it carefully, friends.

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I decided many times to make something like Periods in my own universe.

I planned to do it even in my Old Canon chronicles, but this idea wasn`t take place. So in this New Canon universe (Reborned and Reworked world) Three Periods will be. Its the main part of the plot lines.

Three Different Periods. Three plot lines. Three Timelines. But all of them are connected between each other. All of them are almost united.

I. Hyperborean Period
(Chronicles about 18000 BC human civilization, wars with terrible races and factions, Blameless War, Cerberum attacks, rising of the Firstborn races and other interesting lines)

II. Universe 2596
(This period also was in my Old Canon chronicles, but in the New Canon its quite different thing. Universe 2596 is a changed universe with newest plot-lines and its very connected with Hyperborean Period)

III. Rise of the Bamir Aleppi
(Second name of this period - is the Athlantic Period. Bamir Aleppi and his Hyper-Empire trying to destroy the whole universe. This saga will have a lot of heroes, new races and other new interesting lines)


Now i need to say, that i finished 12 stories about the Hyperborean Period.

I finished half of a one story about the Universe 2596.

And i haven`t got even one story about the Aleppi period.

But... who knows. Maybe i`ll finish all of this in this year. Or maybe i`ll continue else and make another plot lines, maybe Universe 10000 AD, who knows... Inspiration is a really strange thing, friends.

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