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Yuri's Revenge Aliens Invasion Mod is Distant Sequel(after 1000 years) of Original Yuri's Revenge(Rise of the Technology). Three New Countries Arsenal Complete.

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The Japanese has best High Tech Weapon in the world.

Special Unit: Tsunami Tank, Chopper VX, Striker VX, King Oni, Form Destroyer Tank.

Special Building: Storm Tower.

Commando: Japanese Yuriko Omega!

Special Power: Japanese Ice Parabomb, Ice Storm.

The Chinese has specialist in HeavyMachinery Arsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Red Conscript.

Special Unit: Firefly Fighter, Railgun Battlemaster, Dragon Storm Tank, Centurion Siege Crawler.

Special Building: Speaker Tower.

Commando: Chinese Guan Yu!

Special Power: ChineseArtillery Barrage, Lyudmila Nuclear Parabomb.

Dark Empire has specialist in Heavy Unit and TerrorismArsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Rebel,RPG Trooper.

Special Unit: Quad Cannon, Scorpion Tank, Scud Launcher, Scarab Tank.

Commando: DE Mobile Heavy Fortress Cannon.

Special Power: DE Ambush Troops, Anthrax Bomb.


Is this an announcement for an upcoming release, a new description, or what? There's no new downloads since last month.

Regarding your version numbers: You may want to consider something like semantic versioning: Major.Minor.Patch. In other words, instead of saying something like Revision 5 'Change 15 (Part 3 Final More Additional changes and Mini changes)', you can just say Increment the first number (and reset the others to 0) for a new revision (ie, changes in gameplay); increment the second number(and reset the third/fourth to 0) when making big changes, the third number for small changes, and increment the last number when fixing bugs (or omit the last number entirely and just include it in the third number). This would be more meaningful and easier to see how much difference to expect between versions.

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ryancaesar12345 Author

better wait bro cause only 1 person can update this mod yes this is news only...

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Amen...The top file is always the newest....I'm a lamen and it's not that hard to figure out. This is a really great mod. I have multiple YR mods and they all work pretty well. Love the way RA3 units were put into this mod because I don't like RA3 or Generals. There is some serious firepower in this game, ******' crazy Keep up the good work.

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