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1.12 is the last version :) no more.. I manage this projekt to the final version and.. publication is complete. Look on the calendarium of my works ;d

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22 October 2009, this day was a beginning.. i create my first mod, this mod add 23 new unit and have ugly voxels ;d lol

Next i made a few experiments.. (Project Space Alert) only.. experiments..

Next mod is a New Vision.. but old, New Vision. New terrain palettes and new pack of voxel, objective of this mod: change visual part of the game.. no additional units.

Next mod is a never completed.. "Another War" - add to the Allied and Sowiets, new arsenal in vehicles section.. no more prism tanks, no more apoc, no more mirage, no more flak track, no more this old scrap ;d I have idea, how make units, i made all voxels with basic texture to Allied. Allied have:

- wolf MBT
- Chrono Tank
- Universal Tank
- Ghost AA
- Guard Bot
- Gotland Sub
and more ;d

I close this project and... my colleague say to me:

- look, zombie mod! But this is not completly and is (coś tam) - he find this in web
- I can made better! - I answer..

And i create this mod in 2-3 days, after 5-7 days we have "finaly wersion" ;d In this mod we can see:

-Fresh body..
-"Medium" mutation of body..
-late body, "full zombie"
-Hard Zombie
-Mutated body (enormous)
-Zombie dog
-and Bio Trooper

And AI made a mass of them, and.. this mob attack us.. max 148 monsters, we build seals and GI and others, and we start near bunkers, and .."hedgehogs" and american flags, in the dark and with green flash lights.. and we.. fight.. yea.. fight... unlimited time.. i can't made a survival map with this zombies.

Next is a mar-mod, based on the new vision.. I made this and.. upload on MoD DB playable beta, and improved to 1.12 lol.

I made small experiment and close my one-man studio ;d

Now I draw concepts to Tiberian Wars Mod..

sory for my English xD

Alex_06 - - 1,126 comments

Dude, are you cancelling Mar-Mod? You've done a lot of nice work, you shouldn't give up. I was personally interested in your work!

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lolek00 Author
lolek00 - - 343 comments

in my plan 1.12 is a final version :) Now i must study.. no time ;d thx for comment

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Darkkoril - - 350 comments

Why, I hope that your mod is the greatest!! How if your mod has bugs? =)

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lolek00 Author
lolek00 - - 343 comments

I test it and was ok :) but I don't test this on multiplay..

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