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Hello guys. I know some time ago I finally decide to start to upload at least of some pictures of my slow but nice personal project. a Mod of one of my favorites Star Wars game ever. Finally the time has come to upload the mod.

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After years seeing increible mods have been interesting to how EaW mods have been growing up, evolutioning staring from simple mods like "all units free and 1 second of build time" to EaW RE or Rise of the Mandalorians or any increible mod. I was very excited of seeing how some people can make awesome work that could take a lot of time and effort to build a game with simple graphics (graphics that was amaze me in some moment) into a game with incredible graphics with infinite's new stuff. Its amazing that this work are just mods an make me feel proud of see this people really like what their are doing and inspire me so much to create something with my limited knowledge about modding. literally i start my mod from 0 knowledge about any programming language and after all this years i made to create that make me feel happy from everything i learn about modding and even things for my professional career.

Guys, i hope you enjoy the mod, learn the new stuff here, use it as you will with respect of the community an i hope this to inspires you to create your own project.

I will be testing new things and i hope new patches will come at the future.

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