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Thief Gold HD Mod v0.8.6 is out and has now a optimized mod folder structure! Also some texture errors and bugs have been fixed!

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Update: Thief Gold HD Mod v0.8.6b - Patch (170 KB)


Version: 0.8.6b



- fixed Zombie texture
- fixed a wrong value in the "dark.gam"

How to install:
Extract or copy the "HDMOD" folder in your Thief Gold main directory!
If he asks "override?" answer with "yes"! That´s it.

Download Patch


Thief Gold HD Mod v0.8.6 is available for download!

Version 0.8.6:


- mod structure optimized! All files in one folder now (Thx @ voodoo47)
- fixed textures / mission optimized "Break from Cragscleft Prison"
- fixed textures / mission optimized "Down in the Bonehoard"
- fixed textures / mission optimized "Assassins"
- fixed textures / mission optimized "The Sword"
- fixed textures / mission optimized "Into the Maw of Chaos"
- fixed textures / mission optimized "Escape!"
- fixed the torches bug on difficulty expert "Down in the Bonehoard"
- fixed the problem with animated lavastone texture "Into the Maw of Chaos" (The animated lavastone
texture is now enabled by default!)
- fog FX changed "Into the Maw of Chaos"
- added two new .bat files for water surface textures (Now you can directly - disable / enable - all HD
water surface textures about this two .bat files!
- added two new .bat files for animated lavastone texture (Now you can directly - disable / enable -
the animated lavastone textures about this two .bat files! (Applies only to - Into The Maw of Chaos!)

Note for all those who have installed the first version (0.8.5) of the HD Mod!
You can not update the old version from 0.8.5 to 0.8.6!
It would be too complicated for all users!
If you want to use the new HD Mod version 0.8.6 you will have to uninstall completely!
Delete your thief folder and start from a clean game install.
After downloading v.0.8.6 open the new readme and start with "Step 1"
(You will find the new ReadMe in the "HDMOD" folder!)

This is inevitable because we have optimized the whole mod folder structure! That was necessary!

Something pleasing: It was possible to compress the new archive version 0.8.6 down to 2.2 GB.


(Official Moddb Download)

(MediaFire Download

(Google Drive)

( Download)



I've noticed:
The game crash happens only sometimes after loading to many missions one behind the other!

You could try two different methods if a mission is crashing!

A: Try to load the mission after disabling the water textures.
(Go to "HDMOD" folder and double click on the file called "disabled water surface texture.bat".)
Then load the mission again!
(To enable the water again - double click on the file called "enabled water surface texture.bat".)

If this did not work - do the following:

B: Exit the game! Rename the folder "HDMOD" to "HDMO". Reload the Mission (for example "The Sword").
(you see now the original low-res textures in-game) Save it after loading. Exit the game again! Rename the folder back to "HDMOD". Reload your!

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Is ready to download???????


Download it now!!

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Very impressive!

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