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Welcome to the "They Hunger: Tactical" mod page! This is the mod page for the recently started and soon to be released "They Hunger: Tactical", a modern update of the classic "They Hunger" mod.

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About the mod

This is a mod which I started working on a week ago with the help of several good friends - I wondered if it would be possible to build a mini-mod for They Hunger in a short space of time. So far this has rung very much true, since one week on the mod is very much nearly finished.

The rapid development has come about largely thanks to pre-existing content which could be re-utlized and re-fitted for They Hunger. The open source code of SysOp ("Arrangement" creator) has been particularly helpful in this regard, as have the seldom used Condition Zero models which have been reskinned & altered to suit various NPC characters.

Hopefully you'll agree that these newer characters and updated code enhance graphics and gameplay. Speaking of graphics - we're hoping to get this mod working with engine enhancements, though we'll have to wait and see whether that's possible before confirming it.

About the team

The people working on this mod include Foxtrop (coding), Headcrusher (modelling, texturing), DJshark (coding), myself (modelling, texturing, sound effects), Fluffy (weapon flipping).
Whilst not a team member per se, SysOp has also been extremely helpful to us providing open source code and tutorials.

About the changes

What changes can you expect from this mod? Well obviously theres the tactical theme for one, so expect modern tactical small arms and tactical NPCs - these represent the main changes to gameplay.
For graphics many map textures have been replaced, and more detailed NPC models have been added; audio has also been updated to a higher quality.

Map geometry will not be altered, though some monsters and weapons may be added around as we see fit.

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming days for more media, and hopefully a release too!

REENIGAV - - 1,872 comments

damn i was waiting a storyline.

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Raivo - - 384 comments

and the Tactical made me think this was a multiplayer :(
other wise awesome!! :)

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