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You can see a lot of changes (that were not mentioned before) in the time before the publication of the articles.

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Hello! You can get acquainted with the new changes that will be in the next release.


Now there are female among the zombies.

20220724162037 1

20220724162014 1

Minor fixes

[They 1]

Fixed no sound when car stops/starts moving.

[They 4]

In early versions, there was no sound of zombies rising from the graves. Also, the sound "the_horror2" was not played.

The body that you meet on the way to the church has also been changed.

20220724160953 1

In future...

The main menu will be changed. (It will be made in the style of the original "zombie in the tunnel")

Screenshot 1

Zombie blood will be changed from yellow to red. (as in original)

20220724170650 1

Graphical improvements (better rain in the cut-scene at the beginning, wet surface effect)

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