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In this article we are going to answer to some main questions. Also feel free to ask your questions in the commentary section.

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  1. What is the purpose of this mod? - The main purpose of this mod is to port original Goldsource They Hunger to the newer Source engine, to enhance They Hunger graphically and generally.
  2. When did you start this project? - Week ago.
  3. Which Source SDK Base will be used? - Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer. It more attractive and modern, so we already got major changes in graphics after going on SDK Base 2013 (before that we used original Half-Life: Source, btw)
  4. Is there a exact release date? - Sadly, no. We still have many things to improve, so we can't tell you exact date, but we are going to release DEMO-version soon.
  5. What are you working on currently? - All They Hunger maps are currently being ported to the Source engine, and basically that's the main problem right now.
  6. What are you planning to work on in future? - In the future, we plan to do some coding, so it's gonna be equivalent to the original They Hunger.
  7. Is there any way to help you with development? - Yes. We'll be glad if there will be someone who has the They Hunger's original maps source files and will give them to us, since it is going to slightly simplify our work and will speed up development process.

Download They Hunger: Source Demo - Mod DB

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Kabootis - - 34 comments

if your gonna improve some graphics aready, maybe some of them needs a lot of work or something, but good effort on porting this to source btw

i really thought cant wait to see

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RedToast6 - - 31 comments

I have a question, are you working n this mod alone or with someone else?

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Fra3R Author
Fra3R - - 22 comments

We are making this mod together - me, and my friend. Two people in sum.

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Lazarhead - - 92 comments

Would be cool for They Hunger to get the Black Mesa treatment. Not sure if the devs are up to it.

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Fra3R Author
Fra3R - - 22 comments

"We are going for classic, and black mesa is far from classic, so we don't go black mesa way. Thanks for the wishes, we are not scared of "outdated" word, we just want They Hunger for Half-Life: Source."

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