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We are happy to announce the active development of They Hunger:Source!

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It is still W.I.P. but we are ready to show you something we have prepared just for you! You can watch the teaser down below!

Currently we have achieved:
- They Hunger HUD icons and color,
- They Hunger weapon viewmodels and sounds
- They Hunger items and weapons worldmodels
- They Hunger NPC's: Police Officer, Civilian, Headcrab and Zombie.

Here's our to-do list:
- Porting all Episode 1 maps
- Porting all NPCs and their AI

Also we plan to improve the mod generally, so it would be exactly identical to it's original

Download They Hunger: Source Demo - Mod DB

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hell yeah baby! and good luck on the mod! :)

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Wouldn't it be better to use the Black Mesa Engine. Seeing how they all replicated the Hl1 monsters and their behaviors ? Not to mention other enhancements made for mappers and graphical improvements over the vastly outdated Hl2 Ep2 Source Engine?

Either way good luck.

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Fra3R Author

We are going for classic, and black mesa is far from classic, so we don't go black mesa way. Thanks for the wishes, we are not scared of "outdated" word, we just want They Hunger for Half-Life: Source.

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Ah ok.. Sounds good although this is pretty much the same Story then as Valve did with it's Half-Life Source port which disappointed the fans and sparked the birth of Black Mesa in the first place. The classics after all always remain the best. Same for Black Mesa while amazingly constructed the classic is what made our childhood and youth so good luck on that one.
I'm very much looking forward to that classic in source engine. I'm sure it'll be amazing.

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Can't wait!

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Im hungry for this. Been waiting a long time! Right on guys!

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