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TheNeighbor2 is a #horror #puzzle #strategy #fangame #action you have to sneak into your neighbor's house and solve his secrets. discover the truth about your neighbor: (Mr. Gibson). this might have bugs or glitches in it.

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Game: TheNeighbor2 is a game where you sneak into Mr. Gibson's house and solve puzzles, mysteries about his strange house and your weird neighbor.

Items: keys, boxes, cams, traps, crowbar, wrench, keycard, magnet gun, toy gun: to stun him, umbrella to glide in air, and many more.

player can: take fall damage, caught in a bear trap, garb and set a bear trap, take cams/ break them, hide in cupboards, hide underbed, hit or throw with any object.

Controls: E to grab, E to open doors, left click to unlock a door with a key, right click to throw or hold to throw, hold left shift to run, spacebar to jump.

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