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TheDragonTeam's new website is launching - come in for more details!

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Hey there!
I'm so glad to announce that I almost finished building TheDragonTeam's New Website!
So here are the features:

Client Side

Easy to use\read
Article Based (Actually - A Blog)
Search Engine
Google Translate available
Nice and Simple Design
Fast-Loading (relative to the last ones...)
THE SAME ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!!! (not like before, I cleaned the whole server and made the website from clean disk - means more performance and easier to use)

Server Side\For TheDragonTeam

Hidden Way to Log-In... (Spooky!)
Members Area
Posting is Easier Than Ever!
Managing Post
Analyzing and Statistics

There is far more things, but if I was writing them down, you probably won't read it...

So, what I didn't finish is:

The Website Design: Logo, Background, Content-Style
Posting All my old projects...
Making a category and start posting regularly the changes, confessions, ideas, renders and more from Porphyry Copper.
The website footer - Copyright, Names, Pages.... etc... etc...
Making a page-based Members' Biographies and links to Galleries...
Remaking the Mebmers' Area to be more stable and actually, better!

(Note that you can see, in some places, that the blog was made using Wordpress. I don't hide it...)

-Posted by TDT-Alpha - The Manager of TheDragonTeam.

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