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Enough with the 2D, it's time to render our zones in lovely disco lights... Bring on the dancing skeletons!

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So this week I decided to stop messing around with the 2D debug visualizations and give you guys a bit more meat. Here's our progress on the zoning system discussed last week so far, rendered in lovely 3D.

Note that these coloured cubes won't actually be in the final game, they are there simply to help us test which rooms are being zoned off. However, the lighting was just to pretty I had to take some screenshots!

The exit room indicated by 2 red cubes.

A "birds eye" view of the zoning system in action. Pretty disco lights!

Vanity shot of our very own "red light district".

Ominous blue zones...

The green zone locked away by the 2 wooden doors at the bottom.
You'll need the correct key to access this area and all of its treasures within...

That about wraps it up for our lock and key puzzles!

PetrenkaPie - - 1,040 comments

So much genious nowadays. Also always nice to have a look inside the development.

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rocket5tim - - 9 comments

Looks really cool. So the colored lights are just for debugging then?

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Phigames Author
Phigames - - 19 comments

Yep! Though there will be some coloured lights in the final thing like lava and slime pools but probably not as garish :p

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