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Development Update on the world of Arkan...

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Hello Everyone Felix here and today I want to show you where I am on development and so forth and what I have planned for this mod as well as answering some FAQ.

What will it be?:

- The world of Arkan will be a medieval RPG mod for mount and blade warband. You start out as a lone adventurer trying to reclaim your ancestral homeland of Arkan who the Veagirs took from you ancestors nearly a century ago. The fiefs your ancestors owned are as follows: Marcoth, Mar North, Mar South, Marcoth Castle, The City of Arkan, Arkan Castle, Arkan North, Arkan South, Arkan East, Malak Castle, Malak South.

When will this mod release?:

First Version: World of Arkan v0.01

Will there be a specific quest for reclaiming your homeland?:

- Eventually I hope to add this feature but it most likely won't be in the first version.

Will there be Arkan troops?:

- Yes, but all it really is is just renaming the Veagirs troops to Arkan troops.

Does this have anything to do with the Serbian military commandant?:

- No this has absolutely no relation to him it is simply a fantasy name.

Hope you guys enjoyed! If you have any questions just ask them in the comments below.

Here are some pictures of what you might see in the first version:







First version has been released!

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