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Developer Diary 3 for the Witcher: Total War. This is an updated FaQ.

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Q: Do you have a Discord?
A: We do and the link for it is right here - We’re more likely to respond to any enquires faster there.

Q: How many factions will there be?
A: We have 29 confirmed factions. – The limit for playable factions in Med2 is 30.

Q: What will the factions be? What will be their cultures?
Northern Realms:
1. Aedirn
2. Cidaris
3. Cintra
4. Hengfors League
5. Kaedwen
6. Kerack
7. Kovir and Poviss
8. Lyria and Rivia
9. Novigrad
10. Order of the Flaming Rose
11. Redania
12. Temeria
13. Verden
14. Free Pontar State(?) – (It is undecided if the FPS would be a NR faction or a Dw faction.)
1. Mahakam
2. Free Pontar State(?) – (It is undecided if the FPS would be a NR faction or a Dw faction.)
1. Clans of Skellige
1. Dol Blathanna
2. Scoia’tael
3. Wild Hunt
Southern Realms:
1. Ebbing
2. Etolia
3. Gemmera
4. Gheso
5. Metinna
6. Nazair
7. The Nilfgaardian Empire
8. Toussaint
9. Vicovaro
1. Ofir

Q: What about the 30th faction slot? What’s your plans for that?
A: The slot is being saved for any future game or book which would feature a new faction. Zerrikania is a common idea, and if W4 is set in Zerrikania, then we’ll have the slot for it.

Q: How will you be releasing the mod?
A: We aim to release the mod slowly over time with smaller campaigns.

Q: What are these campaigns? How many will there be?
A: We can reveal four at the moment: First we will release the Velen/Novigrad campaign which will have three factions (Redania, Nilfgaard and Novigrad), then we aim to try out three/four factions which would fit in the Velen/Novigrad setting; playtest whether they’re balanced, if the map gets too overcrowded, etc. Secondly we’ll be releasing the Northern Realms campaign which will feature all of the Northern Realms factions (save for Cintra) as well as the Elven factions, Dwarven, Skellige, Ofir and Nilfgaard. Lastly we’ll release the Grand Campaign which will have every faction present, and alongside that we will release a Sandbox campaign where no alliances or major scripts will be set. After these releases we have three other possible campaigns in mind, but those will remain a secret for now.

Q: What will be the starting dates for each campaign?
A: The V/N campaign will begin in 1272, during the events of the Witcher 3. Both the NR and GC will begin in 1269.

Q: Why did you decide to set the mod after the Battle of Brenna?
A: A number of reasons, but the main ones being because it’s a time of peace; the only battles which would be going on would be the Scoia’tael causing havoc in the Northern Realms. If it was set before it then the battle; such an important event in the Witcher world wouldn’t happen. 1269 is the year pretty much bang in the middle of the events of the books and games so we can take both mediums into consideration. We know of a lot the leaders and of generals present for each of the major factions after the events of Brenna, I could go on.

Q: How many regions will be in the GC?
A: We will be using all 199 hardcoded regions that Med2 has to offer.

Q: What map(s) will you be using as reference?
A: We’ll be using the CDPR map for the look of the maps; how the shoreline looks, where the mountains are, etc. But we’ll be using official descriptions of where settlements are, like Aedd Gynvael being in Narok instead of Kaedwen.

Q: Will each faction be different from one another, if so, how?
A: Yes, and in many ways… Each faction will have some sort of ‘personality’ which dictates what they’re strong and weak at… Keadwen is definitely a cavalry nation, as one example. Novigrad will have a load of ‘gang’ units as another.

Q: What inspiration will you be using for the units?
A: We plan to use units from all mediums of the Witcher universe, but we will primarily be using the look of units from the Witcher games and Gwent.

Q: How will you be doing factions where there is almost no information about, like Etolia?
A: We plan to sprinkle a bit of ‘fanon’ into the mod to make such factions come to life.

Q: Will all the Nilfgaardian vassal factions begin as a vassal to Nilfgaard? Can they rebel?
A: All factions south of the Yaruga will begin the GC as a vassal to Nilfgaard, and yep; we have some rebellion scripts in mind for a few of the factions.

Q: Will monsters be implemented into the mod?
A: We won’t be having monsters as units in the mod as we wanna focus on the factions and diplomacy of the Witcher world, plus it would be weird seeing werewolves marching side-by-side with ghouls and/or bandits… But we do plan to implement a script which would involve monsters and Witchers.

Q: How will Witchers be implemented?
A: As said in the question above; we plan to have them be a part of the monster script, but also Witchers will be recruitable units; each type of Witcher (Cat School, Viper School, etc.) being different, and can only be trained from their respective keeps.

Q: How will we do sorcerers and sorceresses?
A: If you’ve played the Elder Scrolls: Total War… Like they have done theirs, if you haven’t. They’ll work either like the Greek Fire units in the Crusades campaign and/or like the Naffatan units – with better range. If you have no idea what either of those are… Magic units will throw fire.

Q: Do you take inspiration from any other mods?
A: Absolutely! These mods include: Divide and Conquer, the Elder Scrolls: Total War, Stainless Steel and Beginning of the End Times.

Q: Can we help in any way?

A: Absolutely! The main thing we need for the mod right now are models for the units, so any and all who have talent in that regard, please message me here or on our Discord. - Plus any and all ideas and suggestions are welcome and I’d be happy to discuss the mod with you.


I love this mod! cant wait for the first release

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I'll be waiting!!!

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