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Ladies and gentleman, the winner is the aa-12!

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Hello everyone! i am here to bring a update to my half life mod, mainly weapon changes, and in light of a recent poll i held, i decided that the winner of the spas vs aa12, the winner is...AA-12!!! let me provide an image below

Half Life Black Light 5 11 2021

Now its not perfect, for example, its not full auto (like the real aa12) but i do plan to change that in the future, which is why im now asking for some help. i would like someone to fix up the aa12 for me. like make it on the right side of the screen and make it full auto. now it may seem selfish of me to ask for help, but ive been trying to make it full auto for DAYS and i have not figured it out. but thankfully thats all i need help with for now, now you might be wondering, what about the deagle? isn't that still broken, well not anymore! because i have a new and better deagle viewmodel that's not broken! which you can see below

Half Life Black Light 5 11 2021 1

isn't that incredible, now theres even more weapons! which will be shown in the video down below

now, thats all the time ive got. i have to get back to playing cod warzone and mario galaxy. bye! :p


Pretty decent! :3

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